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Distributor of SALT CITY CANDLES
Serving Arizona's East Valley
Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Chandler, Johnson Ranch

Please Note 10% DISCOUNT - on remaining stock. Due to the launch of their own line of candles, our supplier has severed their relationship with SALT CITY CANDLES.
GREAT GIFT IDEA To Find out more about the Salt City Products - Email me! [saltcitycandles@yahoo.com] HIGHLY SCENTED
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PLEASE NOTE: We use PayPal.com to process our payments because it is secure, safe, and versatile.

We are accepting orders by E-mail, or through our online Shopping Cart. Please include an address in your E-mail if your order will need to be shipped. Shipping is now calculated on a flat rate, and usually errs in favor of the purchaser. We have been very dissatisfied with the handling by delivery companies, and we are happy to make arrangements for delivery, other than shipping. If you are charged shipping unnecessarily, we will gladly refund it.

PLEASE keep in mind that we are distributors FOR Salt City Candles, and are not involved in manufacturing the candles or setting up new distributorships.

Thank you for visiting our website.
Joe & Becky Shope

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