Jillandra was still exploring the forest when Eef flew up behind her. "Oh," she said, with a start. "I wasn't expecting to see you for a while!"

"Yes, we have just returned from seeing The Old One. Just between you and me, he is quite concerned for Kard's safety! We only hope that he didn't lose track of where he was and accidentally roam onto the palace grounds. The Old One has informed me that if Nefarios gets her hands on any of us alone, she will do something quite horrible!"

"Oh dear!", said Jilla. "What are we to do? Is there anything that I can do to help?"

"As a matter of fact, you can assist me on a mission right now! I need to find Rua and see if she has an elf disk that we might have."

"Rua? I don't believe I have heard anyone mention Rua," said Jilla.

"Yes, Rua is The Old One's Mate. She is a lovely elfin who is like a mother to us all. She makes elfin disks for any who may be in need."

"An elfin disk?"

"It's a round disk made of clay with seven stones in it. Each stone matches one of the colors of a rainbow. The stones are found to also match our natural elements in this realm. Let's see...there is air...you would have a stone or gem that is clear, like air, and then there's fire...usually she uses stones that have color that remind her of fire,water usually is represented by stones that are found and formed in or near the water. These are many times blue in color, and, of course, earth! She uses very plain rocks and some greenish stones as well!"

"What does one do with this disk?" asked the girl.

Eef looked at her, surprised. "Why, you wear it! If one is not doing well and is upset or sad, when they wear it, it seems to balance them so that they feel better! The stones attract some sort of energy from the air...it's all very wonderful! Now! We must find an elfin disk for Easp! She is quite upset and needs to be comforted and become balanced with nature once again."

Eef turned sharply off the path and into the forest and Jilla followed. They came upon a very low cave that protruded only slightly above the ground. Eef flew in and Jilla waited. A few moments later, Eef emerged and an old, old female elfin followed. She had kind eyes and a rather large smile as she looked at the young girl. She held her hand up and from it dangled a small brown disk with a thin cord attached to it.

"Well, you must be our new friend! I am Rua, The Old One's elfin mate. Now, you must take this disk to Easp immediately. She needs relief, the poor, poor dear! It is a good thing that you are here. This disk is much too heavy for Eef to manage. Now, off with you! We will have time to visit later!" And with that, she turned and disappeared back into the little cave!

Without a word, Eef shot back up into the sky and Jillandra quickly followed. When they arrived back at Easp's cozy home, she was sitting on a large rock, rocking back and forth and wringing her little hands. How miserable she looked. Jilla gently kneeled down and lifted her into her arms. She held and cradled her as one would cradle an infant. She placed the disk around her neck and held her, stroking her little head and singing quietly to her...The little woman finally calmed down and fell asleep. Jilla carefully placed her inside her home atop her bed, and she and Eef left without a sound!

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