Hey, how is going online?

Well probably you don´t get what you are doing on this web 
but I am going to tell you ...

This is a personal website of Jakub Rulec and J.R.  is me. So? Are you smarter, now?
You should be. Anyway, I´d like to welcome you on this website.

Do you want to know some information about me?
Well now, I am 19 years old, that´s what my father told me but I don´ t remeber the time when I came on this world, nevermind. I love to play table tennis - yes, that´s the stupid game.
BUT I LIKE IT. And sometimes I do something on my computer. That could be all for now. If you are more interested in me then click on "interests".

My address is:

Jakub Rulec
Nezvalova 1364
Mnichovo Hradiště
Czech republic

Hey, write me right now,

This page was last updated on 08/28/00.

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