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Postcard of Floral Tributes Placed at Gates of Althorp, Sunrise, Sept. 7, 1997
Purchased at the Great Brington Post Office, 2000

I have been avidly following the stories coming out of Britain about the latest Royal phone scandal via the Current Royal News section of Geraldine's The Unofficial Royal Family Pages site, and the only way I can believe that Prince William and Prince Harry could be so naive about the dangers of having their conversations picked up from mobile phones is if the Palace disinformation machine has deliberately failed to inform them of their own parents' history in regards to getting caught in extremely compromising conversations. After Charles' experience especially, you think he would have sat down with them and told them that the last thing you want is to have intimate conversations with your girlfriends wind up on the front pages, or, God forbid, on phone in lines for the world to hear at 50 p per minute...but then, this is just another example of Charles' lax parenting. The fact that it was a royal reporter who was behind all this makes you wonder if the tabloids, not MI6, was really the culprit behind the earlier buggings, and it would be interesting to see if the earlier cases might be reopened. In any event, the court case should make for some juicy headlines, so stay tuned to upcoming developments!  

Seven years ago when I launched this site on July 1, 1999, there was much more new Princess Diana memorabilia available than there is now, and so I developed it as a source for finding sites online at which you could purchase such items. Now that many merchants no longer have available stocks, you will see more informative sites that I have added as I run across them. I will continue to list new books, videos, and any other worthwhile new items, as well as sources for finding older items. Be aware that I have not purchased from everyone on this site, though I have purchased from all the Royal Memorabilia dealers in that section. Please feel free to write if you have questions about Diana or any merchandise, though if you wish to know the value of a particular collectible, the royal memorabilia dealers will be able to give you a better idea of their worth than I can, with the exception of books. This site contains the following pages:

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