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There is a growing epidemic of violence and abuse in our society. Parents are killing kids, kids are killing parents and kids are killing each other. Why? Is it the breakdown of morals in our society, the accessability of handguns and weapons or the rampant spread of drugs? Can we save every child? How can we stop it before it starts? What do we do to the offenders? How do we soothe the victims? I don't know, nobody knows. If someone knew why haven't they stepped forward and fixed this tragic problem? I do know that there is a little something that we can do, we can spread the word. We can open peoples eyes to see it, ears to hear it and hearts to try to help healing. We CAN slow down this problem! I have a compilation of stories of murdered children. Please read their stories and if you would like to show your support, please take the personalized button or banner with you and place it somewhere on your homepage. I am not picky about where it goes, main page, causes page, any page!! :0)

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This globe is for all the children being abused as you read this line of text! A child is abused every 11 seconds!

This globe is in memory of all the children who have been abused, all the children who will never have their story told, and all the children who told their story and no one listened!

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