Timothy M. Stahl
Civil Engineering Major
Accomplishments As of Spring 2005
Associates Degree Holder in Business Adminstration, Penn State
Professional Carpenter and Contractor - Construction Company Owner
Past President (twice) of the Tamaqua Lions Club
Past Exalted Ruler of the Tamaqua Elks Club
Past Nominee (twice) for Citizen of the Year in Tamaqua, PA
Owner of TMS Storage and Rentals
Trained Volunteer Firefighter and Rescue Worker
Student Re-enrolled in College of Engineering - Civil Engineering Major
Completing my Engineering Degree
Working in both Infrastructure and Enviromental Pursuits
Working with and developing "Green Fuels"
Serving the University with my Leadership Skills
2600 sq. ft. 4 bedroom custom home
built in 2001 by my Company
2500 sq. ft. 16 unit storage facility
built in 2000 by my Company
Hazleton Theta Crew - 2005
Page Created 5/01/2005