Lost In A World Not Her Own....

Kitsotana, better known as Ekitso, stands 5'5" and wieghs around 115lbs. She has long redish blond hair and butterfly like wings - wich she can retract. She always carries a small dager on her. If it's not at her side, it's in her bag, which never leaves her.

Her powers are limited, most lost when she came here. She has the ability of flight, to comunticate with animals, heightened senses, slight telekinesis, the ability to sometimes see ones thoughts and memories (this usualy happens when she doesn't want it to), and she can detect auras (which helps her see if a person is trustworthy).

She comes from a small planet called Iwa, where she is Princess of a dying people. She was sent here by her father in an atempt to save the last of their knowledge. To pass it down to a race of people who would keep it sacred. When they sent her out, no concept was known of where she would end up. Now she is here, traped by a race not willing to take what she is offering. Lost in a world not her own.


Kitsotana is shy. She hardly tries to make friends. Even though she likes to be around people - Kitsotana usualy remains hidden in the backround. She is a watcher. Not getting to close for the fear of learning something she doesn't want to know.

Now she is on a search to find a life long friend, to find some who will be there with her. She has been on the search for many years. But she knows she will not fail.

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