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New version (V2.13) of CPIC (with COMPIC-1 hardware)
supports Ubicom SX18-SX28 programming!
Software upgrade available!
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Compic screen, 10816 byte(s).

AS2SX V1.22 - PIC C Extender

Create powerful SX-based applications with great HI-TECH PIC C compiler!
System Requirements:
[Image]  , 70 byte(s). 386+ processor
HI-TECH PIC C compiler
[Image]  , 70 byte(s). DOS 3.3
640 kB RAM
4mb of memory
[Image]  , 70 byte(s). Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP
8mb of memory
[Image]  , 70 byte(s). [Image]  , 70 byte(s).
[Image]  , 70 byte(s).
[Image]  , 70 byte(s).

The idea to create this product was born when I tried to examine code output
from the most of C compilers for PICs(SX) and found too many unnessesary
bank/page switching instructions. Reducing bank/page instruction mass will
increase program speed and decrease program size.
AS2SX automaticaly allocates all globals and locals
variables. Don't vorry about "bank" or "page" when
write some part of code in #asm block.
AS2SX uses many advanced methods and know-how
for bank/page instructions optimization. AS2SX output
on 99.9% optimized for bank/page instruction usage!
AS2SX creates SXSIM compatible listing, and You may examine
code generation quality or debug code on the "asm" level.
Magic sequence for powerful SX application:
C_SOURCE -> PIC_C -> AS_SOURCE -> AS2SX -> Nice_CODE_for_SX.

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