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Hi, everyone! Not planning to do much here right now. I'm mainly working on my fanfic page.

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I also have a Fan Art Page!

And now, a "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars" Fan Fiction Page!

For anyone who actaully wants to know a little bit about me, my name is DJ Clawson. I am a Jewish Taoist woman from New Jersey (that first element is *very* obvious in my fan fiction, so anti-semites beware).

I enjoy (though I know you don't really care):


I have an Underdog page.

It contains my Underdog fanfiction story, "Tale of an Underdog" and a new story added recently

SWAT Kats!

Bring back SWAT Kats!

The greatest show ever made by the formerly-in-existence Hanna Barbera!

For some info on the SWAT Kats, go to Strike's SWAT Kat Zone.

I also have removed my links page.

Go here to see men I am attracted to!

I also, while we're at it, like seaQuest DSV. I've written some seaQuest stories as well, but they are unavailable because I am trying to get them published (ha ha! laugh now!)

And of course, I like X-Files. I'm not the type to blow out my brain if I miss an episode, but I've written X-File fanfiction, so I guess that makes me an X-Phily. Both stories are crossovers, one to seaQuest and one to SWAT Kats. The seaQuest one is currently unavailable, and the SWAT Kat one is on my archive.

Gargoyles is also a pretty cool show, too, but I haven't gotten around to watching much of the third season. My favorite character is Hudson, who in my opinion hasn't done anything since 995 CE. His character is really abused, and the writers make up for it by giving an episode once in a while where he gets to do something, than sticking him back in front of the TV for the next ten episodes. You'll notice, in my SWAT Kats fan fiction, Children of the Stone, there is a character named Thoran. Thoran parallels Hudson in looks and age, but he is 1)still leader 2)learned and 3)useful. He's basically my ideal Hudson.

This page is under heavy construction and likely to be that way for quite a while.

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