3rd Eye : It's Weird 3rd Eye : It's Weird

X-Files X-Mas
"Mulder and Scully search for the truth to the Santa Claus myths in this X-Files parody."

Rembrandt's Pond
"A short piece of speculative fiction about a young man with an affinity for frogs."

The Pumpkin King
"A second X-Files parody. This one about A Fall Festival and the horrors of competitive vegetable growing."

"Is it prose-poetry or just simple ranting? Stream of consciousness writing."

Four Stories
"Inspired by actual events, or actual imagined events, based on actual events, from one morning I spent in downtown Los Angeles."

"A City Of Angels inspired piece of fan fiction about a woman who takes control of her own destiny."

I Win
"Three siblings fight it out for the right to rule the four known realms of existence."

"An unfinished poem thing about a train ride to somwhere."

The Will
"A Lovecraftian style story about a young lawyer. As of yet uninished, but still a good start."

Message Left On An Answering Machine
"Transcript of a message left on an answering machine, a man takes action against himself."

Murphy's Law: Highlander Fanfiction Round Robin Exercise
"A really wonderful tale of a day in the Highlander Universe where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Link leads to another site - my contribution is marked in green."

Dark Secret
"Using lyrics supplied by someone else, I wrote a Highlander Halloween Story. Part of the latest Highlander Lyric Wheel."


A Statement Of Purpose