Thank you for visiting. I decided to create this Web Site along with other links to share my family and my pregnancy experiences with others. I hope to help high-risk moms-to-be and bereaved parents find resources, support, and comfort.

I lost my first born Christian due to an incompetent cervix. Three months after I lost him, I conceived my second child. The thought of having to go through another loss was terrifying. I didn't know anyone that had gone through a similar tragedy that I could get support from. My family was supportive but I really needed someone that "knew" what I was going through.

Thankfully my pregnancy was a success. After I had my little girl Kari, I found out about a support group called Sidelines. Sidelines National Support Network supports high risk "moms" during their pregnancy. I was so excited about the program that I immediately decided to become a volunteer. Since March of 1999, I have been a trained Sidelines volunteer as an email buddy. I can't say enough wonderful things about Sidelines.

Please visit Sidelines IC Online. You'll find more information about Sidelines, our IC volunteers, IC resources, and more to come.

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IncompetentCervix Founded July 27, 2000
This group is for women who have an Incompetent Cervix to come and tell their story and read other stories. Managed by Theresa Dennee, a Sidelines volunteer.

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