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     Long Distance Relationships is back up and running!  Even though the website has been around, I have not had the opportunity to keep up with it as I would have liked.  I was in an LDR from the year 1999-2001.  For those two years, my fiance was in the Navy and stationed in Japan while I finished college in NY.  He returned home and we were married in June of 2001.  Recently he was called back to active duty as a national gaurd member to help fight the war in Iraq.  So once again, I will be in an LDR relationship.  Therefore, please check back often for many updates to this website.  And remember, even though an LDR is difficult, it can work!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
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This is a NEW group created for people specifically in military LDRs.  Please join so we can get this group started! We all need as much support as we can get!
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This is a group for anyone in an LDR to join up and meet others in LDRs.  For more information and to join, visit the link above!

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Make your own website dedicated to your relationship!  You dont even need to know HTML...I use geocities.  This will keep your busy, plus you are making a tribute to your relationship and it will give you something to be proud of at the same time!  And would'nt that be a wonderful surpise for your sweetie? Dont forget, that when you are done, I will post your site on my page, just e-mail me!
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Holidays are coming up.  Holloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The following months can be especially hard for those in love and seperated by distance.  Instead of letting this beat you down, be creative and think of ways to spend your time wisely that is beneficial for you relationship.  Make a scrapbook as a gift, make a photo album of you, things around you, and things about your life to send.  There are so many things that you can do.  Please help and contribute.  I am going to create a page to help us get through tough times, such as the holidays.  If you ideas of creative things that we can do to help keep us busy and make it through (crafts, gifts, etc.) e-mail me and I will update the list every month.  Stay strong, and remember, this too shall pass and one day you will be spending the holidays with the person you love.
Here you will find links to other LDR websites: military, general etc.  Also, if you are in a LDR and have your own webpage, have your link added as well!  For more info, check out the page! =)
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Here you will find neat stuff that I found, such as a compatability test and recipe of the day!
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Finally modified 8/24/2004! Sorry it took so long to update the site.  From here on end there will be MANY updates, so check back often.
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