Rip 'n Creator's Place

You found us!!! My name is Paula, though most of you know me as Ripley.TN, Rip, Rippy, or Ripster...  The handsome hunk on the right is my husband Chris, known to most as CREATOR.135, or the British Brat.  I'm sure once you've met him that endearing nickname will need no further explanation! Hehehe!!!  And just for the record, since people always seem to ask, I am 44 years old and Chris is 36.

Chris and I met in Mplayer in June of '99, and what started as a friendship quickly blossomed to something much more.  Ultimately, my British Brat made the long journey to Ripley, Tennessee, and it wasn't long before we knew that we would never again let 4000 miles of water keep us apart!  So, on May 10, 2000, we were married in a private ceremony in Southhaven, Mississippi.  Then came the grueling ordeal of wading through the immigration process...sigh... but that's another story.  In the meantime, we're enjoying living in the country in beautiful Ripley, Tennessee.

I teach 6th grade at the middle school in Ripley.  For the last three years I've taught science, social studies, and English.  But, this year I will be teaching a self-contained class for 6th graders who did not meet the requirements to move on to 7th grade.  You can see a few of my darlings from the '99/00 school year if you click the button.

Now then... the family.  I'm a grandmother, which means that Chris is now an adopted grandfather.  Hehehehe!!!! My eldest grandchild simply delights in calling him "grandpa"!!! Anyways, my daughter Jennifer and her husband Carlie have 3 beautiful children:  Elizabeth, Michelle, and Carlie Steven.  Just click the button to see some family pics.

Our family is not limited to the two-legged variety.  We also have a variety of four-legged friends that fill my classroom during the school year and our spare bedroom during the summer months....We like to say that our home is not a two bedroom house; rather, we have  one bedroom and a zoo!!! Click the button to take a peek at our extended family of critters.

We want to thank you for dropping by.  We look forward to seeing you in Mplayer.  Oh, and please take a minute to let us know you were here by posting a message on our message board.