Welcome to The PHReeQ Show!

   PHReeQ's Stats:    
   5' 0",  125 #,  Taurus, born April 28, 1961
   black hair, green eyes, Pagan, Libertarian, an avid boy/grrl-watcher,
   and very Goth-hearted!
IRISH-American descent.
Currently & permanently residing in Tampa,  FL
Co-owner of a very special group of women who share the bond of chronic pain illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, CFIDS, MS, RSD, Sjogren's Syndrome, or any other chronic immunodeficiency or chronic pain  illness.  Please check out our site and see if we're right for you.
Circle of Sisters
My PRiDe and JoY !
September 1998

  Me "Goth", drunk, & slutty after a night
  at my favorite Gothic
  Club called The Castle.

   Ybor City, Tampa FL
My Body Art
Pussy Galore
River and -J-
The shirt fits in more ways than one!
October 2000