Ella Awards featuring the 80's "It" girl

H I A T U S.

I hate to do this I really do. I see all the time, review sites, award sites, closing down or going on a hiatus. Well, here's my story... You see, a couple weeks ago my computer got a virus. I warn ANYONE who recieved an email from me who is having problems with their computer to purchase a Anti-Virus called, OnTrack. Anyway, I haven't been able to email any winners for at least the past two weeks if not longer. It's not that I didn't look at your site and decide it's award, it's just there was nothing I could do about it. My computer became so shitty I couldn't even open Explorer and Paint Shop Pro at the same time to make an award. This happened at such an unforunate time, I just launched this site nearly a month ago and it's been doing beautifully, I'd hate to see it lose it's momentum. But, all in all, I'd bought a new computer, which had to be returned for various reasons and I will not be getting my own notebook until mid-September and until I get that computer and it is installed and I've regained my files and such, it would be very difficult due to my schedule with work and school closing near to try and fix this big mess I've caused. I'm going to be losing AOL soon, so my email will be all screwed up as well, as you can see I'm chaos in a bottle, and I can't see this site being up and running for 2-4 weeks from now. SO, I urge you to keep this website bookmarked and visit ever once in awhile to see if we're back. A big apology goes out to all those who applied and did not recieve anything back, I promise, that once I am up and running again, I will do my best to go out and find you and award you, because you deserve it the most.


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