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Hi, I am Ev. This is my little corner of the internet. It is all about me and the things that I like the most. I live in Lafayette, IN. This site is in need of some major construction. Oh well ^^. Well I am going to be a father. YAY!! One day i'll post pics of my wedding and the baby. But just imagine now. Hey check out some cool games I like

Halo, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry, Call Of Duty 2, and Grand Theft Auto 3 . You can EMail me at ev_man_1@yahoo.com. Please send me your comments, and sign my guestbook. Below are links to the other sections of my little page. So please check them out while you are here. My site changes now and then so come back and visit me again sometime. ALSO, why don't you play some slots while your here, just pull on the handle. I only wish it would give real money. And always remember to HAVE FUN with life!!

Some more interesting news, I am now an uncle. So Check out the pics page for a pic of my new neice Savanna-Grace. I Think I will Stick with Gracie for short.


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