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"I know the perfect woman is out there; unfortunately, the restraining order was VERY specific.

Under Construction...yah, sure.. kinda like the Big Dig

Hey, welcome to my humble little corner of the web. I'm Phil, and I'll be your guide on this brief trip of yours. This is what is commonly referred to as a 'Home Page' which is weird, because no one actually lives here. Down further you'll find links to some stuff I like. Enjoy. Or don't. Your choice.

I was doing DJ work at my college's radio station, WMWM. Hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago. I kind of miss hearing good new music, but graduating and working leave no time for that anymore. That, an dI sucked at it anyway.

Work continues, neverending....

Here are the obligatory links to stuff that is somehow relevant. Check it out.

Also check out SixDegrees, a site that brings the theory that we are all connected to each other by at most 6 people to life. There are some areas of the site that need work, but it is okay. If you join, be sure to add me as a contact.

My CD Collection. Growing slowly but steadily.

While I was working at McDonald's, a couple of years back, I occasionally ran into people with a bad DT sense. So I wrote these Drive Thru Commandments.It is amazing how many people break these things. If you are, as Jack Black says, 'feelin' vicious' you could conceivably try to break as many as possible on your next trip, just to see what happens....

Eventually, I'll get around to adding a page on my slowly growing Anime collection...... eventually.

Thank you for stopping by. See ya around.

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Gee, only 4 years, 2 months exactly between edits. Odds that anyone will even notice?

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