Peter Arnesen (keyboards)

Austrian keyboardist, he was born on August 25th, 1947.

First thing I've found about him is when he was a member of the band Daddy Long Legs in 1970:

Steve Hayton (vocals, guitar)
Kurt Palomaki (bass, vocals)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Cliff Carrison (drums)
They released one album, Oakdown farm, in 1971. After some personnel changes, they released a 2nd album, Three musicians, with new guitarist Gary 'Norton' Holderman. They parted ways in 1972.

In 1973, he was in a mega band called Kala:

Carol Grimes (vocals)
Paul Bennett (vocals)
Dave Codling (guitar, vocals)
Les Nicol (guitar, vocals)
Perry Sinclair (guitar, vocals)
Sid Gardner (bass, vocals)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Shiva Shankar Jones (keyboards, vocals)
Dave Skinner (keyboards)
John Barham (cello)
Jack Stevenson (percussion)
Johnnie Miles (drums)
They released a self-titled album that same year.

He was a founding member of The Rubettes:

Alan Williams (guitar)
Tony Thorpe (guitar)
Mick Clark (bass)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Bill Hurd (keyboards)
John Richardson (drums)
They scored a #1 hit with their first single, 'Sugar baby love'. After their first album, Where it's at, Peter leaves the band in 1974.

Next project was a band called Taggett:

Colin Horton-Jennings (guitar, vocals)
Tim Wheatley (bass, vocals)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Terry Fogg (drums)
They released a self-titled album with help from Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Alan Holmes (sax), Richard Hanson (trumpet), Anne Peacock (backing vocals), Lavinia Rodgers (vocals). The album was produced by Tony Hicks (from The Hollies). The connection is because Peter also was a member of the live backing band for The Hollies (along with Pete Wingfield). But I don't know the period he spent with them. Help, please!!

In January 1975, he joins the Hunter-Ronson band:

Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar)
Mick Ronson (guitar, vocals)
Jeff Appleby (bass)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Dennis Elliott (drums)
They recorded the album Ian Hunter from January to March (also including a guest appearance by John Gustafson in one track), but he was in a hospital when Hunter-Ronson band did a UK tour on April-May 1975 (he was replaced on the tour by Blue Weaver). In July, Peter was back in the band for the US leg of the tour.

When the Hunter-Ronson band broke up, Peter signed a solo deal with Hunter's record company, CBS. He released at least two singles during 1976, one was an instrumental version of 'Somewhere over the rainbow'. They flopped, so he reverted back to sessions.

Once, I read about a band project called Cheap Flights, supposedly featuring Pete. This was the projected lineup, led by the great, late John Grimaldi:

John Grimaldi (guitar)
Pete Ernest (guitar)
Dan Brown (bass)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Cliff Venner (percussion)
Don't know how much they stayed together.

After that, he started playing with The Hollies in the studio (recording several albums with them), and probably also as a member of the live band. But I haven't been able to confirm that point. Does anybody know, please?

Albums with Daddy Long Legs:

Albums with Kala: Albums with Rubettes: Albums with Taggett: Albums with The Hollies: Sessions:
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Thanks section

Special thanks to: John Scott Cree, for info on Pete playing in his recordings; Tim Sharman, for info about Pete when playing in Daddy Longlegs.

Thanks to: Sven Gusevik, for providing me lots of info about Peter Arnesen, especially his time with Ian Hunter; Alex Gitlin, for giving me info about Rubettes, Gracious and Taggett.

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