David Gilmour (vocals, guitar)

He wasn't a founder member of the band, but he appears in all except the first album. His solos are usually very beautiful. Apart from being a member of Pink Floyd, he has also played in many albums as a guest, and he also has made his own solo albums. As I'm sure there'll be many sites covering the complete careers of the Pink Floyd members, I just mention a few of these credits.

A special appearance is in famous festival Live Aid, on July 13rd, 1985, where he plays in Bryan Ferry special band that day (most of them appear in Ferry's album Boys and Girls):

Bryan Ferry (vocals)
Neil Hubbard (guitar)
David Gilmour (guitar)
Chester Kamen (guitar)
Marcus Miller (bass)
Jon Carin (keyboards)
Jimmy Maelen (percussion)
Andy Newmark (drums)
Michelle Cobbs (backing vocals)
Ednah Holt (backing vocals)
Fonzi Thornton (backing vocals)
On December 28th, 1991, it was held the Amnesty International 30th Anniversary Concert. David Gilmour was the musical director, and he got some of his friends and colleagues for the band. They backed Tom Jones and Spinal Tap. The lineup was: Most of them were known to David Gilmour (some were part of Pink Floyd live band; he had played with Jody Linscott in Deep End; and some others appear in Sam Brown solo albums, along with David).

On October 11th, 1992, there is another benefit event, at the Chelsea Arts Ball, with a stellar lineup, very close to Pink Floyd lineup:

Some guests appearing in the gig were Rick Wright & Nick Mason, plus Tom Jones, Hugh Cornwell (from The Stranglers), Mica Paris, Elvis Costello and others.

In June 1996, The Who (credited as "Townsend, Entwistle, Daltrey present Quadrophenia") were to play a charity gig for the Quadrophenia celebration, but Pete Townsend gets injured, being unable to play electric guitar, so Roger Daltrey calls Geoff Whitehorn to play with them during June and July.

After the success, they plan to make a short US tour in July 1996, without David Gilmour, and including Billy Idol.

The last thing I've heard from David Gilmour has been appearing in the live concert that Paul McCartney played at The Cavern.

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