Great, powerful drummer. Although he is American, he spent most of his musical career in England during the 70s. He was born in 1948 in Chicago, USA.


This was a band formed by Barry Goldberg (later to join Electric Flag), around 1965. After some lineup changes, John Siomos joined (probably around 1966). This was the most possible lineup (although I'm not completely sure):

They released a single, 'My baby comes to me / This must be the place'. After a second single, 'Richard Cory / Cloudy', released in 1967, Siomos and Riale went to play with Mitch Ryder.


I once read that John played in this band, but I don't find info. Any additional help would be appreciated.


Mitch Ryder is a mythical singer, with a powerful band, The Detroit Wheels. As I've told, John Siomos played in his band, but I haven't been able to find proper info (years, lineup, etc.). He replaced another fantastic drummer, mighty Johnny Badanjek. Another player in the band at that time was guitarist Doug Rodriguez.

Again, any additional help would be appreciated.


This band was formed by Buzzy Linhart, full of great players (I've always loved the style of the late Doug Rauch):

They released the album Music, with help from David Bromberg (guitar), Mark Moogy Klingman (keyboards), and produced by Eddie Kramer. The album was reissued some years later with the new title of Buzzy Linhart is Music (together with another album, Buzzy).

Soon after, John joined Moogy in a new band.

Buzzy Linhart loves you: classic recordings is a interesting compilation, taken from 3 different albums (Music being one of them). It also features other great players, such as Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter (guitar), Danny Trifan (bass), Bill Takas (bass), Luther Rix (drums).


A great lineup:

The band released the album Mark Moogy Klingman, with lots of guest contributions: Rick Derringer (guitar), Todd Rundgren (guitar, keyboards, also producing), Amos Garrett (guitar), Doug Rodriguez (guitar), Tom Cosgrove (guitar), Robbie Kogel (guitar), Buzzy Linhart, the great Ben Keith (steel guitar), John Miller (bass), Stu Woods (bass), Richard Corey (violin), Terry Eaton (horns), Keith Johnson (horns), Colin Wilcox (horns), Norman D Smart (drums), Mark Rosengarten (percussion).

Moogy II features the same band, plus great players: Rick Derringer (guitar), David Spinozza (guitar), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Todd Rundgren (keyboards), Murray Weinstock (keyboards), David Earl Johnson (percussion), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Pete Ponzel (sax), Kevin Ellman (drums), Mark Rosengarden (drums).

Old times, good times is a compilation released in 1999, comprising the whole Moogy II album, plus unreleased tracks. Additional musicians include Jeff Sigman (guitar), John Miller (bass), John Wilcox (drums), Richard Cooks (drums), Richard Corey (violin), etc.

The first recordings, 1970-1972 is another compilation, with most of the tracks from Mark Moogy Klingman album, plus bonus tracks.

They also played together in some sessions for Todd Rundgren, as we can read in the 'sessions' page (link below). 


Streak was a trio formed by singer Alan Merrill in 1971:

They recorded some tracks that remained unreleased, and soon after, Merrill and Siomos left the band (soon after, Jake Falsworth changing his name to Jake Hooker and Alan Merrill reunited to form great band The Arrows).

But, in 2002, a new album by containing rare and unreleased tracks feature those old tracks by Streak. The title is Tawny tracks, and it's credited to The Arrows & Friends. Great musicians featured here: Alan Merrill (vocals, guitar, bass), Terry Taylor (guitar), Jake Hooker (guitar), Steve Gould (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Bill Wyman (bass, producer), Mickey Feat (bass), Tetsu Yamauchi (bass), Ian McLagan (keyboards), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Mike Montgomery (keyboards), Paul Varley (drums), Ollie Brown (drums), John Siomos (drums), Pete Phipps (drums), Jason Tilley (backing vocals). 


John Siomos replaced Mike Kellie in March 1973:

They released the album Frampton's Camel, with occasional help in some tracks by Frank Carillo playing acoustic guitar. The album contains one track co-written by Frampton, Wills Gallagher and Siomos, the beautiful 'Do you feel like we do'.

In summer 1974, Gallagher leaves, joining then a superb musician, Andy Bown:

But in November 1974, Rick Wills leaves the band. He still played in the album Something's happening, along with John Headley-Down (drums - I guess it's just a nickname for John Siomos) and Nicky Hopkins (piano).

Then, Peter Frampton changes his band name, being no more Frampton's Camel, but Peter Frampton Band.


Without a complete lineup (no bassist), they record the album Frampton in 1975:

The album also features Poli Palmer on vibes.

John Siomos rejoins Frampton, in a very tight unit:

They release what probably is the most successful live album ever: the double Frampton comes alive!, released in 1976. The latest reissue (under the '25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' monicker) contains 4 bonus tracks. Great!

Their next album is I'm in you, released in 1977, with help from Mick Jagger (backing vocals), Ringo Starr (drums), Stevie Wonder (harmonica), Richie Hayward (percussion) and the fantastic keyboardist Mike Finnegan (this time, only on backing vocals). The album contains a track co-written by John and the whole band, 'Won't you be my friend'.

And Siomos left Frampton's band around 1978.

Shine on: a collection is a double CD compilation, with some unreleased tracks. The list of performers includes: the much-missed Steve Marriott (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Frank Carillo (guitar), Steve Lukather (guitar), Mick Jones (guitar), Mark Goldenberg (guitar, bass), Rick Wills (bass, vocals), Stanley Sheldon (bass), John Regan (bass), Nathan East (bass), Eddie Watkins (bass), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards), Bob Mayo (keyboards, guitar), Arthur Stead (keyboards), Andy Bown (keyboards, bass), Richard Cottle (keyboards), Pete Solley (producer), Jim Price (horns), John Siomos (drums, percussion), Mike Kellie (drums), Ringo Starr (drums), Steve Ferrone (drums), Anton Fig (drums), Gary Mallaber (drums), John Robinson (drums), Jeff Porcaro (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Steve Forman (percussion), Mike Finnegan (backing vocals), Danny Wilde (backing vocals), Jeannie McClain (backing vocals), Mark Williamson (backing vocals), and the Waters family (backing vocals: I assume they must be Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, etc).

20th century masters - the millenium collection: the best of Peter Frampton is another compilation of some of his best tracks. Some of the performers are: Frank Carillo (guitar), Steve Lukather (guitar), Rick Wills (bass, vocals), Stanley Sheldon (bass), John Regan (bass), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards), Bob Mayo (keyboards, guitar), Arthur Stead (keyboards), Andy Bown (keyboards, bass), John Siomos (drums, percussion), Mike Kellie (drums), Gary Mallaber (drums), Jeff Porcaro (drums), Steve Forman (percussion), Mike Finnegan (backing vocals) and the Waters family (backing vocals: I assume they must be Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, etc).

And then? 

After leaving Frampton's band, I haven't been able to trace more band with John Siomos for a long time. I think he came back to the States. Maybe he just played in sessions. Does anybody know?


This is the next project I've known with John. Mike Duggan is a great blues guitarist. In the mid eighties, John joins his band, with other great players, and based in New York:

I don't have more details about other lineups, his stay in the band or if he played in some album. Help, please!

And then? 

And, again, I haven't known more about John Siomos. Can anybody help?


1. Does anybody know if John Siomos plays on Jobriath two albums Jobriath (1973) and Creatures of the street (1974)? There's one John Syomis credited, and besides, Peter Frampton plays on both albums, so I guess it's maybe him.


Press here to read about John Siomos sessions

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