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Fleta MacWench
Crystal MacLeod 
Denver, Colorado 
I am single, recently relocated to Denver, writer of Fan fiction and crossovers. I can be found fainting or getting a glazed look in my eyes whenever PW is on screen or nearby. :) My loves are: PW, chocolate, horses, PW, anything outdoors, writing, and PW. 

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Harem Hostess
Keeper of Joe's Voice 
Everybody Comes to Joe's!
Clan Affiliations: The Methos Harem, Clan MacSpam, BarMaid, Cylander 
Forum Claim to Fame: Created the BarMaids and BarFlys 
I'm 26, single, and the servant of two cats. Jim Byrnes has put his arm around me, I've had tea with Liz Gracen and the harem, and spent an evening in the bar with Nigel Bennett, so I can't complain!! :) 

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Late 30's, single, but loved. Listen to Celtic music, love to travel, read, do my best to take the advice in the Bible seriously -- when people ask "Who wants to live forever ?" I always reply, "I do, I do". 
It's been so nice to know I'm not the only one who drools from afar. Being partial to tall dark and handsome men, DM/AP is the one. His sense of honor and loyalty to people are traits not seen much today. I always admired the relationship with Tessa -- a real woman not just a cute chick with a chest. Gives those of us in the mid-30's and beyond bracket some hope that REAL men do appreciate what we have to offer. I've long admired JB/JD for his distinguished handsome older man look mixed with that laid back , good ol' boy , "tell it like it is" approach to life . Watched Wiseguy more for him then for "Vinnie" It's been great seeing him weekly and to finally find his music. As you now know my handle should probably be LONG WINDED ONE. 

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monami macwench
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
Forum Claim to Fame: None but it's still early. 
I'm 46 and have been married 17 years to a wonderful guy. No chilfren but have our boys (2 cats) and the bird who really rule our house. Have been a HL fan snice day one. Real life keeps me from the computer more then I like. 

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Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW, Friend of the Wenches, Friend of the Frus

Claim to fame???? I'm the worst 'trivia' player ever? (So bad in fact, that I'm always too embarressed to try to post answers!! - suffer from CRS, can't remember stuff!)

Old enough, married, nuts about DM, but Protector of Fitz's Memory because he makes me laugh and I don't want ANYONE to forget he 'lived' in our HL universe! Besides, I'd have been one of those "very unhappy women" (to DM in N2B) if he hadn't gotten those extra "almost 3 centuries!!

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Western Colorado 
Just turned forty suffer from compulsive book-buying disorder have aspirations to be a pro writer -- with one modest success under my belt am kept by a pair of cats and adore Highlander. 

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Evergreen, CO (just west of Denver) 
At 35 years old, I have only been a Highlander "nut" for about 9 months now... it was something I stumbled across during the '96 holiday season when I got home early and started aimlessly surfing tv channels. Needless to say, I've been hooked ever since! My roommate humors my obsession, although she has yet to be enlightened... 
When I'm not worrying about all the possible Season Six scenarios, I work as an Operations Manager in a water testing laboratory. Great work, great job! I mountain bike and road bike in my spare time, and always dread the winter. My other great passion is fast-pitch softball... if I'm not riding my bike, chances are you'll find me hanging out at a softball field. 

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Amanda Wannabe
Sunflower State 
Highlander Addiction Clinic
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench: Wench-in-Waiting, Cylander 
Forum Claim to Fame: posting ridiculous questions and long, pointless insomnia-driven diatribes. Also, prone to fits of militant feminism. 

Hi, I'm Diana. I'm 21, a suffering college student and starving wannabe writer (I'd also love to be Methos' Sex-slave). I'm studying journalism and history. 

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Julie in KC MacWench
Olathe, Kansas 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench and a Friend of the MacFru's 
Forum Claim to Fame: I started the "Great and Powerful Godiva" thread which became "G'Oz" 
I'm proud and honored to be a MacWench! 

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Lady OdeNicht
Kansas farm girl 
I am celebrating my 'golden' year with my introduction to the Highlander Series. Can't think of a better way to do that! I am an aspiring Romance writer who's latest hero dons a nice ponytail and has some pretty gorgeous brown eyes ... and is a real Gentleman. ((sigh!)) 

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Born October 28th least i won't have to update my age every year :)

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Keeper of Darius' Memories
Ann Snow 
Located in Kansas 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam, Clan Denial, ambulance driver 
I'm a visual artist, and love art of all periods and styles, but especially the book arts--illuminated manuscripts, artists' books, pop-ups, typography, calligraphy, and bookbinding--everything from the Book of Kells to Anselm Kiefer's High Priestess. I like to read them, look at them, and make them. 

Highlander interests me because of its unique blend of action, fantasy, romance, and history, and because I love swords and sword fighting (I have even been known to cross foils with like-minded adversaries, all in good fun, of course). But of all the characters in the series, I find Darius the most compelling--because of his dedication to peace, and his spirituality. In a series that quite literally "lives by the sword", an Immortal who gave up the sword is the one who has touched my soul most deeply, and this is due in no small part to Werner Stocker, the incredible actor who brought him to life. To me, they are both Immortal 

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MA / mswings
Mary Ann
Favorite character: METHOS!!!!!!!

No claim to fame here! Just one of the many that lurk in the background.

Though my birthday tells me I'm in my late 30's, my mind and heart (and sometimes actions) tells me I'm much younger... I have found that having 5 older brothers has giving me an interesting view into the male mind...scary, isn't it. Sorry, couldn't help myself. So, armed with this knowledge, I'm looking for a man who can be interested in someone other than himself, sees something that needs done and will do it, no matter the cost. Who doesn't talk just to hear himself speak, will listens to others, tends to be a mystery...hmmmm, that's starting to sound like Methos. Works for me! I have been folowing HL since the first season having stumbled onto it half way through the re-run of "The Gathering." I thought, "Whoa, Nellie, who's this cute guy with the sword?" and I was hooked. THEN, something happened when DM opened that certain door in Paris and walked into Adam Pierson's apt. "Zing!"...I felt something and the rest is now history, I fell in love, lust whatever you want to call it, with Methos and haven't looked back once! I love reading HL fan fic and have even tried my hand at writing some myself, though only a very few have been allowed to read it. I envy anyone who can bring the HL characters alive in their stories and make me believe it could happen. Though I don't live and breath HL, it does hold a large part of my heart and enjoy being with others that feel the same. Taking a breath, I realize that I've been very long winded...well, you wanted to get to know me. I love to talk or "hold court" as a friend calls it, but I can also listen, or lurk! :)

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