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Coastal Atlantic Forumlanders
North Carolina, Virginia,  Washington, D. C. 

North Carolina
North Carolina 
Clan Affiliations: MacMint, MacWoW 

Hi, I'm Brandy, a 38 year-old divorced mother of a 7-year old beautiful daughter. I love all things Highlander, but have a special place in my heart for a certain geriatric, alcoholic immortal. 

Brian Kale 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
Highlander: A Page of a Fanatic
Elizabeth Gracen: A Fan's Tribute Page
Brian Kale's Home Page
No longer the forum toddler.. that's for sure. I'm 30 years old now... married.. and working too hard. Highlander is still the best thing on TV and yes, I am a Raven fan.. of course.. as a devoted fan of Miss Gracen how could I be anything but....


North Carolina 
Forum Claim to Fame: I posted the song for Richie, "If You Came Back From Heaven." 
Delaina's Zone
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacWench, Clan Denial 
I'm redheaded and a college student. I absolutely adore Richie, and just wish that he was real. You've gotta love that Studpuppy! 

Highlandgal W-i-W
RealName: Suzi
Favorite character: Duncan Macleod
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacWench Wench in Waiting

I am single 27 and enjoy watching the HL:TS videos that I own (seasons 1-4)

morjan MacWoW
Morjan (Mor-john) 
North Carolina 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW, Clan Mackay, friend of the wenches 
Forum Claim to Fame: I wrote "Lift Me". I know all the words to the "Skate Key" song. If no one has claimed this position, I would like to be known as Handmaiden to Amanda. Now that's old. I am a new member of the over 40's clan which has yet to be named. I love Highlander. I am Scot-Irish and am a Morgan/Mackay. My father is an Irish descendent and my mother is a Scot descendent. Unknown to them, their two clans merged on the coast of Ireland after my mother's clan descendents left the Highlands of Scotland(reason unknown). I love to sing and perform often. My voice teacher found I had a special love for the Scottish ballads. I guess this is what drew me to Highlander the movies and thus the tv series. Although I love DM as the Highlander(of course he's gorgeous), I really love Amanda's beauty, charm and wit. After the death of Richie, she was the only truly great character left. 

I am a teacher now, but still perform in plays and on stage as often as possible. The con made me really rethink what I've been doing for the past 10 years trying to teach and perform and achieve excellence at both. It's really difficult. 

I am currently working on my master's in Journalism. I love the structure of languages(all), dialects and history. I have been a peace advocate for more years than I care to think about, which is how I found the Forum. I love the forumlanders and feel special being a part of them. 

They all know that I mean it when I say, "Seek Peace, peace within, peace without, peace with friends and enemies. No other agenda, agree to disagree." Morjan 

Svetaketu (sveta) 
Real Name: Abi 
Charlotte, NC 
Forum Claim to Fame: Survived the false forum of February, 1997. Neither newbie nor elder, maybe a middle-aged forumite? 
I'm a twenty year old woman, majoring in Anthropology at UNC-Charlotte. I missed half the first season of Highlander but subsequently stayed up to 2 and 3 in the morning to catch it in my area. I'm in a committed relationship, and my boyfriend trusts me enough to let me lust after Peter Wingfield (I tell him that he looks amazingly like Methos). I have two adopted philosophies (for now, because I'm too poor to be a good Taoist): 

"Why go through life with one hand tied behind your back," --James Dean 

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." 

Sailor Mars
Rebecca Williams 
Sailor Mars's HL Site
Clan Affiliation: MacSprite Clan -- Clan Denial 

I'm a Capricorn (December) and proud *Watcher* of Highlander and all Holy things associated with it! I'm chief of my Clan, and Comforter of Duncan's stressful side. *g* 


Graham, NC Forum Claim to Fame: Lighter of the Sparkle in Duncan's eyes, and his Guardian Angel. I love cyber conversing with all the fun, intelligent people who frequent the HL Forum. 

I am 49 years young, and still can't believe it. To steal a line from a song in PIPPIN..."I believe if I refuse to grow old, I can stay young til I die" I've been down the aisle and back, the first time was in Edingurgh, Scotland. Currently, after deciding that it is better to love a real fictional character than to attempt to love a real character who ends up being fictional...all my love pours to eveyone. But, alas, I keep the dream alive...waiting for MY Duncan to arrive. I love to do just about everything...and the list is getting shorter (I cross off as I go). Blessings and white light to all. 

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Pam Kultgen 
Hampton Roads, Virginia 
I'm one of the "legal" experts on the forum - in that I'm an attorney working for the US government. I'm approaching 30 faster than I would like, and, frankly, miss being in college. Oh for a day when I don't have to get up until 10! I've been addicted to HL since the first movie - although it took me awhile to deal with the switch from Conner to Duncan MacLeod. I'm a recent convert to Buffy as well and am always trying to recruit forumlanders to watch La Femme Nikita (Sun 10pm EST on USA : One final thing - no matter what you hear, I was in no way responsible for the Super Bowl - especially if you lost money on it. 

Etain Q
Lynda Quinn 

Clan Affiliations: MacWoW MacWench
Forum Claim to Fame: Speechless in Denver!!! 

I'm 39 years old, married, with a 6 (almost 7) year old son who says that "Duncan MacLeod is'nt real Mom....he's just a fantasy" perceptive! Truly missing HLTS and looking forward to THE MOVIE! 

K'Immortal Beloved
Clan Affiliations: BABE, MacMint, MacBeta, Kronos' GA

I'm 32, married with 2 boys, and originally from that great country that's bred 3 very familiar faces. I'm totally obsessed with HL, and a certain scarred Horseman in particular. I'm also very fond of that actor chap that plays him. 


Kate of Kintail
Kathleen McDevitt 
Fairfax, Virginia (Metropolitan Area near DC) 
Clans Affiliation: Clan MacTIC (the Immortal Cimoli), servant of the Beachball of Evil, and Clan Denial (We're obsessed, not stupid!) 
I adore Highlander. What more can I say? Well, a little more I guess... I was born in 1980 (you do the math) and love anything Scottish and/or Celtic. I'm a writer, though not too successful yet, of fantasy and Scottish novels. I like music that says something, that isn't just 'there'. And I'll read anything I can get my hands on... just as long as it doesn't take away from forum time or watching HL. I've watched HL since season 1 and fell in love with every bit of it from the first moment, though how could anyone NOT? Sigh. 

Lady Excaliber
Northern Virginia 
I am single, 39, crazy over horses and LOOKING for the perfect man (Adrian Paul Clone) 

Official Keeper of Methos's Blue Face Paint 
Barbara McGowan 
Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam 

Long Knife is a term mid-eighteenth-century Indians who lived in the Ohio Valley called Virginians. It meant "butcher" to them. Since I was born in the Ohio Valley and now live in Virginia and work in an eighteenth-century period living history museum, and I like a series where heads roll, I think the name fits. 

I have been obsessed with HL since '95 (& all things Scottish), I've seen every HL episode (& movie) that exists. I like everyone, but especially Methos. And Especially when he has woad on his face. I am honored to be a Clan MacSpammer! 

Bonnie Schendell 
Centreville, Virginia 

Clan Affiliation: MacMINT, Methos Boxer Brigade 

Forum Claim to Fame: I was committed into the MacMINT Asylum for the constant playing of Queen and Springsteen music. 

I am 36 years old and very happily married. My husband is a saint for allowing me to continue my drooling over Methos and hanging autographed photos of Peter around our house. I have been a Highlander fan for several years and am going through withdrawal since its end. Thank goodness for videos! 

Shenadoah Valley, VA
Favorite Character: Duncan

I am 39, a divorced, mother of two beautful boys. I am at present a full time homemaker, but am going back to school. A recent Forummember, I love the cameraderie I find here. I have been a HL fan since the first movie. While I claim no online clan as home, I am proud to claim my blood ties to the Clan Munro. I am a direct descendant of James Monroe and love researching my ancestral roots. I am an avid history buff, currently concentrating on Celtic history and mythology.

StarGael of the Clan MacStar
StarGael's Highlander Place
Keeper of the Circlet of Truth, Justice, Honor and Integrity
Forum Elder
General Area of Residence: Virginia
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacStar, GOOFs, and occasionally MacSpew
Forum Claim to Fame: I am the keeper of the pictures (forum participants and chatters). We started out with 5 last October and now have over 50. It began so that we would know who was who for Syndicon in May '97. And I used to be known for some awesome tirades, but they haven't been needed for a long time.
I am a married mother of three and a genealogist. I have been a HL fan since the first movie. When I began surfing the Internet, I found the HL Forum at the end of July with a 386 machine on a 2400 baud modem (UGH!!) bought a new computer and joined in the next month. It was so nice to see people more obsessed that I!

Patty Karns 
Chantilly, Virginia 
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacNut Since I have been 39 and holding for the last 12 years, some of my friends (?) have dubbed me the World's Oldest Living Mortal. The granddaughter actually thinks Methos stole the line "I haven't felt guilt since the 11th century" from me. I love to read, crochet, garden, and, of course, watch Highlander. 

In the end there can be only one -- let it be Methos 

Washington, D. C. 
dc diva
Real Name: Diane 
Greater Washington, DC 
Clan Affiliation: None on the HL Forum (I'm too independent), but ancestral link to MacLeod Clan of Lewis through maternal Grandmother who was a MacAuley of Lewis. 
Happily divorced/single; early fifties; Grandmother of Brenna, a red-headed, blue and hazel-eyed Keltoi-warrior-woman to be! (It will be awhile yet, she's only 18 months old.) I study about and collect swords, mostly antique European, but also have the true Duncan MacLeod Marto ivory Dragon Head katana and matching wakizashi. I'm a Government attorney and love whompin' up on contractors who try to cheat the Government. Other interests: I'm an avid Egyptophile, a licensed master falconer, have bred and raised Arabian horses, and collect Pharoahanic and pre-classical-Greek sculpture (reproductions only). I love and enjoy opera, all classical music, and Queen; and last but not least, *anything* Highlander!