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Nimue 2
Ilse Van Hove 
I am 28, single, and totally devoted to te Blue Face Love God! My best friend asked me for months to watch HL but I wasn't that interested. Until I saw a few minutes of one episode (I don't know which one), and there was this drop dead good looking bloke with a British accent. I asked my friend who that was. Her answer: 'that's Methos, he is 5000 years old. " That's where the obsession began! As I am rather new to the HL fandom, I am still looking for new friends. So drop me a line if you want! 

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Real Name : Vanessa 
General Area of Residence : Paris 
Clan Affiliations : Clan MacSpam 
I wonder why Adrian tells Everybody he's married....We don't even choose my dress yet ! (you can see my bio on the MacSpam homepage ....) 

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Christina Hansen 
All About Hmpf
Clan Affiliations: MacMINT, BABE, MAP 

Forum Claim to fame: I managed to de-lurk and then kind of 'get lost' again about five times over a space of a year or so before I finally succeeded in staying!!! 

I'm 23, though that's subject to change *g* and I'm a goldsmith-in-training. I've been obsessed with the ROG for almost two years now, doing the usual stuff obsessed people do... My latest act of craziness is thinking about saving my money to go to a con in 2001. Yeah. That's about it. More info about me (and lots of other stuff) is at my website! 

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Ms Wings MacWench
Christina Denig 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
I'd love to spend more time on the Forum, but the Internet costs in Germany are soooo high... :-( 
Ex-convention virgin (since Chronicles 98), going to Homeland, can't wait to meet some of you guys! 
I'll be 20 very soon, going to university (Social Studies) very soon, going to Homeland: The Albacon very soon and I'm *darned* proud to be a part of the Forum. I thought Methos was a really nice guy when he told me, "I'm too old for this." And then BANG! Comes a Horseman. From then on, I was hooked. I'm single, but I'm a Methos addict and therefore don't have much time for other men... -)

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Great Britain

Adriane Grant 
London England 
The Watchers (currently) 
Forum Claim to Fame: Met cast of Star Wars at premiere of Empire Strikes Back, nothing to do with Highlander I know 3572-ish, petite Immortal, looks 22, taught by the gorgeous Adam Pierson, and still having fun after all these years 

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A.J. Mosby
Real Name: You think that's an alias?!? 
West Yorkshire, England 
Forum Claims to Fame: Winner of the 'Is this guy for real?' Award (Aug)...Runner-up in the 'Officially Unofficial' Contest.... Did the now almost legendary AP in H4 (yes he is, no he's not, yes he is) interview in August 97 
I am 29. Single. The last romantic in a world of ever-breaking hearts (hey, that's sounds almost poetic). I should write for a living! Hey - I do! I am: a Writer of Words, a Hatcher of Plans, a Breaker of News, a Mender of Hearts, the shoulder everyone cries on, the last one to leave, the first one to notice, sometimes wrong (when I wish I was right), usually right (when I wish I was wrong). 

I am....still here. So I must be doing something right.

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Sharon Ann Marais 
Cambridge, England 
Clan Affiliation: Macleod (of course) 
I am 38, married, one daughter aged 18. I am a teacher of English and Drama. I act and practice Karate Do Karate Jutsu Kai...I think HL is terrific and I was recently granted custody of Duncan MacLeod's earlobes (adopt an Immortal) I am currently rather put out cos my TV station has stopped showing HL and we were only on season two..only seen 6 episodes but already I can tell the show has a great deal to email from all and sundry..please drop by anytime. 

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Eilean Donan
Shropshire, UK 

Forum Claim to fame: AP apologised to me!!! (Yeh I forgave him *g*)

Mum to JCDcliona (one of my greatest achievements)- who has to take the credit/blame for introducing me to the series and the forum - Grandma to Jack and wife of Muck Loud.

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Flash Gordon
Keeper of the Kurgans Haircutting Scissors (somebody has to protect him from himself) 
Sam Jones 
Cardiff, Wales, UK 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam 
Forum Claim to Fame: Pointed out that Peter Wingfields bio was wrong (check it out against my 'general area of residence') 

I'm 17, and a big Highlander & Queen fan I wonder why the Kurgan didn't stop aging when he was killed as a small child (the novel) 

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Fran(ces) Thomson 
Cardiff, Wales, UK 
I'm 19, not married and absolutely obsessed by HL (aren't we all?) - so obsessed my boyfriend is getting worried, I'm sure of it. 

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The Jeblander
James Edward Butt 
Guildford UK 
Forum Claim to Fame: God like body 
English warrior of six foot two, currently enrolled in the sword division of english army. 

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Jette Goldie 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW 
Forum Claim to fame: ??? I have to be famous? One of the few Scots posting to the Forum. Organizer of Homeland '98 and Historicon 2001 
21 years old (with 20 years experience) Joe's my Jo!! 

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I'm a 20 year old University student studying History and Philosophy- I believe it helps me to understand Methos more :-) Auntie to Jack, daughter to Eilean Donan and oh so much more.... 

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Pretty Sabre
Zoe Danae Aria Wyers 
UK-England-Isle of Wight 

Forum Claim to Fame: I'm mad about Richie and any fan fic I can get my greedy mitts on. I ask the silly questions and post too much :) 

I am 15 (I'm immortal so it's okay to be a concubine of Richie *phew*) I haven't joined the clan denial YET, but I think they're cool and hope to join soon. Scotland is my favourate place, Richie is my fave Highlander man but Amanda is my role model. I have a brother called Jelly Fish Horton Clone who most of the time I deny exists. I love Highlander the films and the series and despair of meridian, who are mean and refuse to put on season 3. Ok, I'm done! 

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sandra part time lurker
RealName: sandra broome
location: UK
sandras adrian paul fix

I am 42, a nurse, live with my long suffering partner Derek (he pretends to be annoyed when I go on about Highlander/Duncan/Adrian!). We have 5 cats, no children and I am afraid I may be obsessed with Highlander! Adrian/Duncan is my abiding passion..but I have soft spots for Christopher/Connor and Peter/Methos too!

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Sophie Duncan
Real Name: Sophie Duncan 
Location: UK 
Sophie's Homepage (includes Richie Forever & HFS) 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Denial 
Forum Claim to Fame: Nothing really - I've been following the forum since it began (lurking of late), have tried to stick up for Richie whenever I was around. I think I was the first person to start posting pictures. 
I am 24, single (still looking for that Stan clone), and I have far too much time on my hands (or so my friends think). I'm well into fan fiction, running Highlander - The Fan fiction season, in which Richie is *not* dead (if we can do it - come on TPTB!). 

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Northern part of Norway: Trondheim
Torhild Esplien
Favorite characters: Connor and Duncan

Was a regular at Rysher's forum.

Tipped over to 35. I'm happier now than I've ever been. Skipped USA but found a new love (who laughs like Connor sometimes).

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Andalucia, Spain 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench Claim to Fame: I was originally the New Kid on the forum. 
I am by nature a traveler and perpetual student, and live near Cadiz - the oldest living city in Europe (1120 BCE)- so it is any wonder I feel an affinity for Methos? *grin* By vocation I am a traveling college physics professor with an interest in physics philosophy/epistemology. My goal in life is to be one of those eccentric expatriate women who live with 5 dogs in a small house in the warm sun on the Italian coast my days spent reading and writing. After becoming enamored with Methos, I may have to add learning Greek to my list of things to do! 

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Raven Storm
Stockholm, Sweden 
The Storm Project Website
27, single (but looking), long black hair, musician (that's not always a BAD thing!), seriously missing Highlander because they don't have it in Sweden! 
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Norse Lady
Agneta Wiklund 
Stockholm, Sweden 
Absolutely insanely in love with Methos (May He Live Forever and Ever!!)... Keeper of the Hearth Fire... Guardian of the Tent Flap... Defender of His Sarcasm... Proud Boxer Infantry Brigade Member... 
I am a 44 years old legal secretary who live fully only during the moments I can spend in the Highlander Universe. As a Whimgirl I live to serve the BFLG - He is my Master! That I am willing to share the Man with more than 40 sisters will tell you how insane I really am. Some of my favorite hobbies include looking at Methos' pictures, reading Methos' fanfics and constantly running around emptying the drool buckets. So that you will not call the Guys in White and haul me away, let me assure you that other hobbies including: reading (normal books), music (everything but jazz), history (European- from ancient up to and including 1799), Tarot, Runes and Paganism. All right, not all of those would place me in the sane category, but who cares? At home I am under the total domination of Vincent - my beautiful, mean-spirited and disgustingly spoiled cat. I am totally under his cute little paws (claws and all) - and he knows it. That's all I think, except for the fact that METHOS RULES!! 

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