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Great Lakes Forumlanders
Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin



Alice MacWoW
Detroit Area 
Clan Affiliation: The Clan MacWoW 

Forum Claim to Fame: I am actually a member of a Scottish Clan -- (am also descended from an Irish king this I know from my family tree) -- MacDonald of Clanranald. Any others out there in my Clan? 

I am 40, not married, but would like to be, with a five-year-old daughter, a cat named Cindy and a hamster named Cecil. I am a Born-Again Christian, and have been for almost 29 years. I really enjoy the TV series Highlander because of the interesting plots, the moral dilemmas that face Duncan and the other characters, too, the history portrayed on the show, the relationships between the charaacters on the show, and on and on. It is the best syndicated show I have ever seen. I truly think Adrian Paul is *the* best looking man I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could dance with him just once. For an entire evening. Dinner, too. Of course, on the other hand, I might take him to my castle and have the castle priest join us together in Holy Matrimony, there to live in blissful harmony! 

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Catharine Young 
Western Michigan 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW 

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Real Name: Cherylyn 
West Michigan 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
Forum Claim to Fame: Tireless serving wench at the Tavern MacWench, Towel girl for Duncan rising out of Kristen's bathtub 
Forty-something, married for 30-yes 30- years to my first love, someone who tolerates my Magnificent Obsession with my new love, Adrian Paul/Highlander (yes, they're pretty intertwined in my head). Have 4 kids, 2 wee grandsons. As I have indulged my hubby's obsession with NASCAR , I'm hoping he will do the same for me and take me to Scotland for our anniversary this September. 

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Ivy Bedford 

I am single, college student, and have a full-time job. I have been watching Highlander for nearly two years. It is my favorite show. 

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Lady Vampire/ Zsu Zsu MacFru
Kimberly A. Nokes (Kim) 
NCoE Homepage
U.P. Michigan, Wisconsin border 
Clan Affiliations: The Night Clan of Evil, and Clan MacFru 
Forum Claims to Fame: Founder of the Night Clan of Evil 
I am going to be 30 on January 22, I have two daughters that have been adopted out, I love to write, love e-mail, and am going through a divorce.

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Northern Michigan 
Well I have been an avid watcher of Highlander since it's very first episode, but I never realized there were so many other fanatics out there until I got on the internet. It's so nice not to be alone. I've only recently found the forum but now I'm hooked. Why Methos? Other than the fact that Peter Wingfield is gorgeous and has a voice like crushed black velvet, I keep wondering "After all those wives Methos has had, what "tricks" might he have up his sleeve--so to speak. I'm sure he must be quite... uh... impressive (ahem.) Besides I like the fact that one minute he makes me laugh and the next minute I want to slap him.

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Macaruin MacTrollWench
Real Name: Judy 
Live in Southwestern Lower Michigan
Macaruin's Home
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacTroll, Clan MacWench
Forum Claims to Fame: I'm the only green wench around, and a > "bad wench" at that. I guess you'd expect a Trollwench to be naughty, and I guess I fulfill the monikers. :-)
I'm an independent mother of 4 sons, all who are tall, dark and handsome. They graciously put up with this crazy mother they'd been dealt. I have the awesome responsibility of being the "Keeper of Duncan's Fruit". Not many would be up to the challenge, but I believe I can "handle" the job efficiently and lovingly.

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(of the O=older & O=Optimistic variety)
Pat Hardin
Keeper of Joe's Keys: to his house, his car, his Bar, his strong box, and...To His HEART!
Saginaw, Michigan 
No Clan, but I too am on the river Denial
I was born in 1935 and married in 1954. I am a grandmother with two adult granddaughters. Have taped all the episodes. Thought I was alone in my Highlander obsession until I discovered this Forum in late July of '96 and met all these fans with scads of information, great in-depth discussions and humorous top ten lists. The Forumlanders are wonderful, warm, caring, supportive friends. I usually come in daily to read and keep in touch with these new friends.

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RavenMerc MacFru
Julie Skelly
S.E. Michigan (on a clear day, I can see Ann Arbor =?) )
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru
I'm female, singular, and thirtyish. I got into HL when my cableless older brother asked me to tape them off of USA. My forum name is actually from my affilations on the Forever Knight list- I'm mainly a Raven(ette), but have Mercenary tendencies (such as being for hire for chocolate-it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it! :>) I'm also a rabid hockey fan & love reading & crocheting, desperately want to own another German Shepherd, and am learning belly dancing. 

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stitches MacWench
Muskegon, Mi.
Clan MacWench, BABE
Favorite Character: Duncan
Forum Claim to fame: The Doll Maker.

I started making costumes and putting hair in Cabbage Patch Dolls to look like HL charactors. I have helped raise money for various charities at a couple of conventions and hope to do more.

I'm single with no children. I'm a cashier at a chain of stores called Meijers Inc. I've worked there for 12 years and counting. I concider myself a hopeful romantic not hopeless and hope one day to find the man of my dreams fall in love and raise a family.

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Patricia Moore
favorite character: Duncan Macleod

I make no claims. I just like to lurk, take in the current news about Highlander alumni, and get a smile, often a laugh, from the delightful, slightly off-center humor and POV of Highlander fans. I hope that's enough to recommend me to you.

Well, I have two grandchildren, but I'm still young enough to feel an "itch" when I see a lovely "fru" of Adrian Paul. But, taken all in all, Methos is the more interesting character to ponder.

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Tower Watcher
Peter Tauers 
UP.. Michigan, Wisconsin border 
The Night Clan of Evil
Clan Affiliation: NCoE (LV's new pet) 
I do own all 3 Macleod swords, both of DM's jackets and all the tapes!!!! Currently in search of a copy of Methos sword and a good poster of the four horsemen....I am 30 (eek!), Single. 

On October 30, 1997, our Forum Friend was killed by a drunk driver. Our entire Forum Family mourns his loss. Our condolences go to his friends.

Peter, you will be missed.

"The Tower will remain forever empty in his honor...." Lady Vampire

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Real Name: Kris 
East Lansing Michigan-Go Spartans! 
WebMistress' Homepage
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacWench 
Forum Claims to Fame: I often pay homage to the majestic Goatee. It will live on forever in my heart! Anyone for the Clan Goatee? 
My webpage has lots of details about me. Go there! I worked hard on it! 
Adrian Paul. What can I say? He wrecks me. 
As a recent development I am the Photo Journalist and WebMistress (pardon the Pun) for a new group called "The Watcher's Watchers". It all started at the CCC.

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Alexis Morgan Stacia Hawkins
Land of 1000 lakes
My Highlander Page

Single for now, but I'm hoping that Kronos or Methos will come my way soon. I'm 19, and a collage student, I'm going into Mass Comm. My dream is to be the next Howard Stern, and meet the Highlander men.

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Real Name: Kelly 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

I'm 23, married and proudly owned by my cat, Baudelaire. I read obsessively. Any other Robert Jordan fans out there? I graduated from college a year ago. Has it already been that long? I've been an HL fan for years, but only recently discovered the forum. Hoping to get to know you all a lot better. 

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Terry Lind 
Forum Claim to Fame: Must surely be the longest lurker in history. 
Am 40ish, reside with my wonderful Irish husband and "killer" cat. Love to cook while sipping wine, hike, read, travel - but work a zillion hours a week. It has been wonderful to find friendly people on the forum who share this HL obsession. I enjoy the fantasy aspect of the series, but especially enjoy the episodes that encourage self examination, explore issues of character, judgement, and morals. And, oh yes, I do have a wee obsession with AP. 

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P.J. of the Clan DOTD
Minnesota, USA 
Clan Affiliations: Clan Dancers of the Dream 

Sorry, nothing notable. I, unfortunately, am mostly a lurker due to lack of wit, wisedom, insight and time to exchange banter once I have posted a comment. Therefore, my passion for HL is played out by reading others' wit, wisedom, insight on the Forum along with HL fanfic. Browsing onto cool HL websites like this one, helps keep HL fans feel connected. 

Passions: Anything HIGHLANDER, my two kids, teaching, Jimmy Buffet, family, friends, quilting/crafts, one dog, one pet white rat, and one husband. I suppose I should say that these are not prioritized as most to least important. That should make my husband feel better. Right? 

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Shelly (Michelle) Satre 
Minnesota (subject to change!) 

Forum Claim to fame: I am the lack of information queen! However, I am not opposed to asking questions and sticking my foot in my mouth once in a while... 

28, married (since 1992), mom of 2 boys, 3 cats, and 5 fish! I've been hooked on HL ever since episode 1, and although I may not know as many specifics about each eppy and probably harbor many ignorances of HL canon, I DO know one thing: 
I *love* Methos. 
Not just because Peter Wingfield plays him wonderfully, but because he has so many possibilities as a character. 
(Although Peter ain't bad, either!) 
I'm a fanfic writer wannabe (still trying!) and web page author hopeful (again, still trying!). In the meantime, I lurk a lot and add my 2 cents when I feel necessary. And if anyone wants a good recipe for wassail, I've got a KILLER. Emails are always welcome! 

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Seraphina's Tower
I'm 22, and I absolutely love Highlander. 

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Smokey Girl
Minnesota USA 
Highlander is a writing project I have undertaken for school. I have been a fan on the sidelines for sometime. As a result of season 6, I have decided to become more active. I am a single mom, have an Accounting degree and am trying to get into grad school for math or economics. If I had to pick an actor Methos and Joe are the ones I would pick . They have done so much for the series in terms of humor/interesting/credible plots. Gotta love both of them. 

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I'm a single 17 year old girl 

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Megan Albertson 
Madison WI 
Keeper of the Fierce Scowl 

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Sapphire Blue 
Real Name: Teresa 
I reside on a dairy farm about 20 minutes away from La crosse WI 
I have 4 kids (13, 11, 9, and 3), one hubby who thinks HL is a waste of time, one dog, lots of cats, and about 200 holsteins running around the farm. That is a breed of dairy cows for nonfarm folks. I'm 37 and have an associate degree in science for a medical lab tech. I've watched HL since the beginning and am not looking forward to its final season. I guess I would choose DM as my favorite. I love his looks and his sense of honor. I LOVE to read and have quite a collection of books. 
I also collect Sandra Kuck plates and Victorian type figurines. I am newly arrived to the forum and to using a computer so please bear with me while I learn the ropes. Thanks!!!!

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Clan Affiliations: Methos Lover #5, Richie's Concubines, Clan Denial Besides being an avid Highlander fan, I also am a college student majoring in History. (No wonder why I like the show so much.) Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me with much time to get on the forum and when I do, I'm more of a lurker than a poster. 

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