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Astrochick MacFru
AKA Kris, Chief Advisor of Clan Denial on the SK Forum - "We're obsessed, not stupid." 
Astrochick's Homepage
34 year old Astronomy Professor. Protector of all things Richie. Refusing of all things concerning "Archangel" (hawk spit). Will RR fru fru at the drop of a hat (or shirt) - a certain picture from "The Sea Witch" being my favorite. Shivers at the very mention of "Chivalry." 

Carolyn Collins 
East Lansing MI and Yuma AZ 
Forum Claim to Fame: As Holder of Duncan's hands, I've been known to fru a little too much at times. I even had the audacity to post a link to the naked Duncan butt shots (oh my), although we all know that it was really BJ as AP's stunt butt double. How can I be expected to carry on a serious discussion with all the incredible fruing that goes on? 
I am 24 and single, but utterly devoted to Duncan MacLeod. He has ruined me for other men. I just finished my Masters degree in Horticulture and am now trying to find my way in the world. Words can't express how I feel about Highlander and the friends I have made on the forum. Thanks for making it such a special place. 

Damian Wolfkin
The other side 
kingdom of dns
Clan Affiliation: the clan Wolfkin 
I am 21, married, one son. I am training as a knight in the Kingdom of D N S, and believe Methos is nothing less than a demi-god. 

Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady's Kinky Linkys
Clan Affiliation: The Methos Harem, Cylanders, Friend to many clans 

Forum Claim to Fame: The first "Kinky Linky" Dragon (thanks to Maxie MacTroll for that Nickname!) and keeper of the Highlander Hunks and DL's Kinky Linkys. Friend to many clans including MacTrolls, MacStars, and Clan DOTD. 

Married, thirty-something, mother to 2 boys and one large dog. Thoroughly addicted to Highlander and the men who bring it to life. My first love is Methos (I'm a founding member of the Methos Harem) but Duncan, Joe, Fitz and Richie would always be welcome by me. 

Galatea - From the Greek Myth 
Cheryl Harpel 
My home page will be up sometime in September. It will be the Castle MacSpam. 
Clan Affiliation: The Noble and Honorable Clan MacSpam 
Forum Claim to Fame: Introduced the frenetic phrase "Hee hee,"...Had a double persona for a while and became T. REAL Nothing, taunting Big John and threatening to devour him and his posts with dijohn mustard. Hee hee. 
I'm a long time fan of science fiction/fantasy. I'm 42, single, and a junior high school English teacher. I like men and cats--and men who act like cats would definitely interesting to me--as long as they don't hack up furballs on the rug. I have no children--except my cat and my guinea pig who think they are my children. I love to ponder the mysteries of Highlander and debate the possibilities. I write when I have the time, but sadly, I don't have MUCH time, so I can't spend a lot of it writing. I love the fact that the Highlander forum has brought me so many nifty friends from all over the U.S. and even the world!!!! I love it all! 

Islander CMS
Marlene Ring 
American Samoa 
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacSpam 

I've been around forever :-) 

I'm eccentric, 34, unmarried and a journalist/playwright. Been and HL fan from the first day of the release of the first movie. I'm thinking for starting a titanium neck brace franchise (g) 

The Forum Brat 
I adore Methos, because he's been just as jaded by life as I've been. 

Alias "Hadisha" 
Resides in a very small town 
Jewel's Syndicon Pictures
Clan Affiliation: DOTD (Dancers of the Dream) 
Forum Claim to Fame: Danced in front of stage near JB, AP & EG with other Forumlanders at Syndicon 
Dance fanatic, loves HL episodes with any kind of dance or martial arts (and the characters, stories, history, costumes, Q's, etc.) Finale II is my fav epi: it has Tango and belly dance, my two dance passions. 

Jewel Hansen 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Dancers of the Dream 
I'm interested in almost ANYthing HL. I love reading the interesting, funny, and thought provoking ideas of the Forum. I'm 50, the mother of 4 and grandma of 1. 

Keeper of the Inn

I am 37, married,the mother of a 16 year old son who looks at his Mom strangely due to her obsession with HL. In another life I know I was Duncan's mistress ^_^. 

Kissaki's Kache
Forum Claim to Fame: The Top 10 Reasons our better halves(male) condone our HL obession. 
10) He wouldn't be caught dead in a kilt. 
9) Knows he can't compare with 400+ years of experience. 
8) He hates to dance, especially on the Eiffel Tower. 
7)You know what they say about guys with big swords.... 
6)While we dream about DM,or Methos, he dreams about Amanda. 
5)The blood and gore of beheading. 
4)The cool lightning of a Q. 
3)The K'immies. 
2)If he lets us watch HL maybe we'll let him watch..... 
1)He would be seriously hurt if he tried to stop us. 

I am in my late 20's, married, and move around alot. I like to bud in where not wanted, no really I like to talk and enjoy the friendliness of the forum. Plus the Frus can make my day. 


Earth-Northern Hemisphere 
I'm older than I look (thank god!), a graduate student in Philosophy and Religious History. Spend a lot of time in Ireland (family home) and have been hooked on Highlander after seeing the 1st movie (way back when...). I don't know any other HL junkies and thought it was about time I did. Why Methos??? His character is a historians dream come true. Besides, Mr. Wingfield is a fine sight indeed. Feel free to E-mail.... 

Methos Watcher
The State of Confusion 
The Refuge from Reality
Forum Claim to Fame: Do I have one? :o) Archivist of Methos's Sagacity, the first Watcher (Research), Owner of the Cellar of Shakespeare and Company, Owner of Alexa's Umbrella. 

"I'm just a guy." er, girl... :o) 

Milady of the Clan MacWench
Watcher of Methos' Smile 
Milady's Methos Worship Page
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
I am a college student who freely admits being obsessed with Methos. I usually lurk. Occasionally, I post something, usually about Methos. Surprise. Surprise. And last of all, I'm the worst speller on the planet. Is there a support group for that? 


I'm a 21 year old college student who will be graduating in a year and going on to law school. I've been a Highlander fan for 2 years and I love DMotCM!! 


Old Soul
Old Soul's Castle

Clan Affiliations: MacBBGL, MacFru2, DOBC, MAP, MacMint, etc... 

Besides keeping up with the fru wars! I try to have intellectual conversation with Highlander, Methos especially, obsessed people. When that is done, I party with all the forumlanders at either Rysher, ROG, dwarfland, or MacWoW! Trying to keep up with everyone is one reason I'm a MacMint! (To all my clans I couldn't fit in the little space, I wrote you down in my heart!)....I'm only 22, but I'm an old soul at heart. 

Puppy MacFru
Sandy Sims 
homepage: Puppy's Highlander Dog House
Member of Clan MacFru 
Watch Dog of EDFW 
"I'm *not* lusting....... I'm just *admiring the view!*" 
With Peter, I may have to change that a little! 

Kay Denoncourt 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Denial by default 
Major interest is DM (his spiritual development of course!) I'm a 40+ Female, Married-kinda, survived raising of son, who is 18 

Sue Schreffler 

Forum Claim to Fame: Highlander addict 

Over 30, under 50. Married, PICU nurse. Husband convinced I'm crazy with Highlander addiction. Seeking rehab or 12 step program for me. Love labrador retrievers. 


I'm just a big Methos fan and for me it's doesn't matter how many wives he has had 

susanna MacFru 
The Clan MacFru Homepage

small town, USA 
I am married, a mother, a teacher, and watcher of all things Highlander. I have been married 20 years to a 6 ' man with dark wavy hair, olive skin, and brown eyes (sound familiar?) We have two wonderful teenage children, girl and boy, and we all enjoy watching HL together. My husband thinks I'm obsessed with Adrian Paul, which I am, but he never complains when Amanda's on!