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Real Name: Yvonne 
The East Coast, in Connecticut 
My busy life prevents me from getting on the forum more than once or twice a week. A bit shy, I tend to "lurk" until I have something worthwhile to say. I'm married with two kids, Danielle, age 12, and Eric, age 7. We have a female black German Shepherd, Amsel, age 1 1/2. 

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Michael Werner 
CT and DC for college 

I have been a Highlander fan since I first saw HL1 on channel 20's Spine Tingler Theater. 

I am 19 year old American University Student who enjoys the Highlander legacy.I can't wait for the new movie!

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Ron Russell 
24, single, intelligent, brown hair, blue eyes 

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I tend to "lurk" a lot. But I enjoy the forums. So much, that sometimes I don't do anything else! 

I discovered Highlander a few years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I'm still waiting for the day when my cable company will have the sci-fi channel. I might have to move to the next town if they don't! 
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AKA P. Ara Weasel
Amy Young
Malden, MA 
Forum Claim to Fame: Parodies and Top Tens a speciality Not particularly faithful to anyone, but am partial to the Four Horsemen .... 
Single, yet taken, not married, but may well be in the future... Loves adventures, humor (the more evil the better), hanging in the Kompound and enjoying the company of friends!

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Dreamer D.

Forum Claim to Fame: Not much to say, but I find comfort in listening to the conversations. 

I'm way too old to admit I have a crush on Duncan. 

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Emmanuelle (Emma for short) 
Boston (for now) 
Forum Claim to Fame: I spend my awake hours dreaming about Adrian. At night my dreams are pre-cognative. I wish for Adrian only sweet dreams and for all his dreams to come true.

My husband of 30 years watched Highlander TS with me, but he cannot understand my continuing need to see Adrian

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RealName: susan twombly
Favorite character: Duncan

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Jane Chizmas
Favorite character: Duncan

Emancipated, single parent--daughter turned 21 and finished college--no more college bills!! Am using my new found freedom to travel and make friends--HL friends that is. Scotland and Australia here I come--hope to see ya'll at the conventions and hopefully a cruise too!! Tango wannabe dance partner with DUNCAN- on the Effiel Tower or the dance floor!!

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Favorite character: Duncan, of course
Actually it's my husband's page - I don't have one
Boston area (Mass.)
Lurking and occasionally posting for about 3 or 4 years off and on.

I am "29ish" ;) married, no kids, one cat. By day, I'm a Research/Software Engineer, working on text-to-speech synthesis. In my free time in the summer, I am usually on my boat. In my free time in the winter, I am usually playing my keyboards and synths. Spring and Fall are typically some combination of the two, depending on the weather. ;) Oh, and somewhere in there, I fit in some time for Highlander. I'd like to say I enjoy fitness and working out but let's face it... I can't remember the last time I exercised! ;)

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Favorite character: Duncan

I am 26, mother of one. I fell in love with the highlander enterprize when I first saw CL as a teen. I could recite the movie line by line. I am totally in love with a half italian, half english man (Yeah ok its not adrian but it would be nice :) )

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Rick Montross, O.D.
Brookline, MA
Favorite Character: Tessa
I try to post interesting comments usually humorous (I hope!).

I am 57, male, an optometrist by vocation, married to a person who likes Highlander - but is not a fanatic (like I am). We like to travel - especially France and Scotland.

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Mary glynn

I love to go to Highlander conventions.I have been to most I started watching in 1997. Love to talk about Highlander the series. Collect a lot of highlander items.

I am 54 single retired after 28 years with NYNEX. went back partime to work for the Pioneers the easterm Massachusetts area a one person office in charge of volunteer activities. I left again and no just do volunteer work at my local church teaching children. I suffer from Neurofibromatosis whixh there is no cure and causes tumer to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time.

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Rhiannon Mahealani Jones 
Minnesota soon-to-be Boston U 

I am a full time archaeology student, part time criminal mastermind who discovered the first Highlander film one summer evening and is now devoted to the franchise. The concept of people who have lived so long and witnessed so much of history really intrigues me. I also adore the show for its compelling characters. I'm also an X-Phile, a MSTie, a wanna-be Whovian, and am completely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. I was born in Australia in October of '79 - the exact date depends on which side of the international date line you're on. 

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Viking Lass CWPack Chief MCR
Jennifer Colleen Erickson
Western Massachusetts
Clan: Cassandra Wolf Packmate
Favorite Character: Cassandra
As Chief Methos Cassandra Romantic- I am the hopeless romantic who will never stop longing for the eventual reconciliation between Methos and Cassie.

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Judi McGrath 
Baltimore, MD 

Married, long time, still makes my toes tingle. Grandmother to a rescued kitty, Rebecca and a puppy, Ivanhoe. Hence my name. He is such a love and a wuss. Longtime HL fan, but I usually lurk far in the shadows on the Forum. Maybe that is why I'm such a Methos fan. Discretion being the better part of valor. My relaxation is reading HL fanfic, published and unpublished. 

Real Name: stef 
Forum Claim to Fame: Lurker soon to start posting 

30 something, single :( , tai chi, chi chung, snowboarding crazy person. Waiting for a Duncan clone to come my way. 

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Michele Laney 
I'm a 35 year old manager of 2 one hour photo labs. During my time off you can find me at the local Tae Kwon Do studio working on my kicks and punches. I also do extra work in major motion pictures and on tv. I love music, Highlander, and meeting people at Highlander conventions. I'm also single. 

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Favorite character: Methos

I am in my mid twenties and happily unmarried. I have been a fandom addict for almost fifteen years, currently involved in about ten active fandoms and acquiring more every year; most recently X Men, Buffy, Angel, and Higher Ground. I came to discover HL (backwards) from reading a crossover fanfic with X Files, which made Methos sound so intriguing, I had to see him for myself. A year later, I have every ep I could buy, a hardrive full of fanfic and screen captures, have been fortunate to meet many other forumlanders at a con and made RL friendships. Who says a TV show can't be a positive influence?
Though I have come to appreciate every character on the show, Methos is still the character I am most drawn to. His history, his cunning, his sense of humor, and (oh yeah) his looks, are appealing in every way. And the actor who plays him is a real gentlemen (met him at Legacy con!).
My hope is that HL will live forever in the hearts of the fans, that the moral lessons and value of humanity and life that Duncan has will be passed down to the new generations, and that the MOVIE be the first of many adventures of Duncan on the big screen.

New Jersey

Northwest New Jersey 
Forum Claim to Fame: I can drool over Duncan with the best of them! 
I'm 28, a member of PEACE, & live by one rule, "Do what you will & harm none." Besides worshipping all things HL, I study Buddhism and mythology and have interests in martial arts. I can also be reached here

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New Jersey 
I'm 28, and a frequent lurker on the Forum--which I stumbled on by accident. I was so happy to discover that I was not the only one with a Methos obsession! I graduated med school 2 years ago, and am now 'doing time' in the perpetual servitude of residency. Somehow, I always manage to be on call when an important new episode airs--so I've come to rely on my VCR and the forum for info.

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Wildwood NJ 

Clan Affiliation: Member of the Clan MacSpam and the Clan MacWoW 

I'm an over 40, Stay Home Domestic Goddess...with a nine year old daughter. I live at the Jersey shore, 4 blocks from the beach. I love to read, do some cross-stitching, watch the stars, and am addicted to this 'puter thingie.

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Kathleen Hinck
Favorite character: Amanda
Clan Affiliations: RFWP HLDU SAPS Paul Johannson Online

Lurker par excellance...

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North New Jersey 

Clan Affiliations: Duncan MacLeod's Guardian Angel Clan MacWow Keeper of Mac's Mews (HLAA) member PEACE-APFC Wolf Pack (RFWP) OPJFC 

I'm 45, married and a sahm of a 10 year-old son. Daily lurker and sometimes poster.

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Lady Highlander
New Jersey 
I am married to a wonderful man & our 16 year anniversary is coming up in September. We have a very active lifestyle. We love to travel & we've seen some very beautiful places. Most people who know us, are surprised to know that we own a Harley. We love to take off for the weekend & just get away from it all. 
I am a Personal Trainer & Lifestyles & Weight Mgmt Consultant. I enjoy fencing & I love animals. Because of my love for animals, I am a vegetarian & I try not to purchase any products tested on animals or made from animals. 
Even though I like Joe, Richie, Methos, Duncan is my favorite. He is perfection. I enjoy the forum because there is a really nice bunch of people there. We share ideas & gossip & the latest news.

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New Jersey 

I am 29 and single. I only discovered Highlander in the summer of '97. I saw "The Darkness" on USA and I was instantly hooked on the show. I was half in love with Duncan MacLeod until I saw a little third season episode called "Methos". Since then, I have been completely, madly in love with the ROG. In real life, I am a CPA/tax attorney (emphasis on CPA) and almost no one I know understands my obsession with Highlander! 

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Obsessed One
Central New Jersey 
Yet Another Highlander Page (My Baby)
Clan Affiliation: Moe #1 of the Clan MacStooge 
Forum Claim to Fame: We started the clan MacStooge after an infamous string of posts about Larry, Curly, Moe, Shemp, and Bob MacStooge 
College Student (and at the rate I'm going, for the rest of my life), madly in love with my Hunny, and believe that it should be a sin for men to look as good as AP and PW.

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Northern New Jersey 
I remember the old TV shows from the year you-know-who was born. 

I own a bookstore and I know that CD-ROM is there among my books. I just have to find it! 

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rose radulic
Favorite character: love them all

I just love all things *Highlander*.

I am a single middle-age long time fan of Highlander. I love mystery novels and just *plain loafing* after working all day. Relatively new to *forums*, I enjoy just *lurking*, what great fans, so much to learn from.

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New Jersey (South)

Single Female. If Richie Ryan were still alive, and he saw me he would fall madly in love, LOL!

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Stardust of the Clan MacStar
New Jersey 
Stardust's Homepage
Forum Elder - I think so. I've been posting since July of 1996. I think I qualify. LOL! 
Clan Affiliation: Originator of the Clan MacStar (often called Matriarch, but that sounds so old) 
Claim to fame - Oh dear, this sounds so pompous and arrogant...but...W-a-a-a-ay back when Paul/Rysher was in charge of the forum, I suggested to him that we really could use a chat room to have real-time conversations, rather than using the forum as a chat room. We got it. I can't say that plans weren't already in the background, but about 3 weeks after my request, the chat room was available. I like to think that the chat room came about because of my request, but who knows for sure? 
Claim to fame that I am proud of - Helped a lotta lotta people via email to get into chat when they had problems doing it. Feels really good when I see someone finally get into the chat room after weeks of trying. 
Been flamed more often than marshmallows at a scout convention, and have wielded a flamethrower myself more than once. Stardust is ageless, a mystery, a mystique, a figment of everyone's imagination (unless they've met me, in which case all bets are off! LOL!)

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Starmist of the Clan Mac Star
Clan Affiliations: Elder formulander, Elder Clan MacStar

Didn't really have a forum claim to fame, mostly chat room but Hey! Things could change

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Warrior Girl
Holly Dow 
New Jersey 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Denial 
I am 25, single, and holding a B.S. I can't seem to do much with. Currently I'm working as a veterinary technician, but secretly believe TPTB will discover me as a writer for the MC. In spare moments, I paint and take karate classes. Methos, to me, is the most intriguing character in HL and by far the best looking. 

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Bea Lewis 
Northwest New Jersey 
Clan: Clan Mac WOW
I am a married mother of two (recent college grads. Miss seeing new eps. of HL every week. Thank GOD for the videos.

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New Hampshire

Highlander Girl of the Clan MacFru
(HG MacFru for short) 
Southern New Hampshire (or Cow Hampshire or New Hamster, or whatever you prefer) 
Forum Claim to Fame (you mean besides inadvertently engendering flames?): I'm a Co-Defender [along with Big John and Alaska Man] of the Sacred Forum Against the Vile Nothing. *have katana, will travel* :-) 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru, of course! 
I'm a 40 year old, divorced mom of five. I started watching Highlander because of my own Highland roots (got the red hair to prove it!) but as much as I like ONH, it's the ROG that keeps me coming back for more! When I'm not rewinding and playing CaH and Rev 6:8, I write poetry (will be published next year), fiction, and beta-read for others. 

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 New York
Northeast, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island & Vermont