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Northwest Forumlanders
Idaho, Northwest, Oregon, Washington




Real Name: Holly 
Pacific NW 
I am married, just turned 40 and just got into Highlander. Also like Anne Rice novels and raise Akitas. 
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The Great Northwest 
Lynnette~s Homepage

Forum Claim to Fame: I don't know --- Uh --- I like to FRU a lot and I share my artwork often.... I am a friendly person and NEVER flame. 

Hi there -- I am 42 (in 2 days *G*) I am an artist. I am a synesthete. I love Animals, Astronomy, the WEATHER, photography, beadwork, hanging out with friends, .... ....and Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod! *G* I hope to be a computer artist someday! 

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Alaska Man
Seth Heasley 
Alaska Man's Homepage
Keeper of the Spam for the Clan MacSpam 
Forum Claims to Fame: HL Quote Contests, and the HBJAM Review
I am 24, married, and I'd like 3.5 kids and 5 big dogs.

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Bend, Oregon

I am 24 years old male, in a L.T.R. I have loved highlander since I first saw the original movie. The thought of being immortal, and living by the code that Duncan, and Connor live by is the ultimate fantasy of mine. I will be the first person into the theater in my town when "Endgame" opens!

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Hi to all... 
I'm currently a single Female of the Caucasian variety, almost 23, and have been a fan of HL for as long as I can least as long as the Movies have been available anyway. 
Well...Hmmm...what else is there to tell? If anyone out here can tell me where I found my Forum name then I'll give them a great BIG gold star... 

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Lothar Turalayon
Tigard, Oregon
Favorite character: Darius
Lothar's Highlander Page
Clan Affiliation: MacFru and a few others I can't remember. >.<

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Methos' HandMaiden
Clan Affiliations: Clan D@MN, Clan Denial 
PWFC, ROG, HLX, Duncan_Methos, Valkryie, MFW, Boxer Brigade Infantry - Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, Keeper of his pithy remarks, Sargent Major of the IADM: Custodian of the Comfort Food/Keeper of the Security Blanket 
Whimgirl: Co-Mistress of the Stars/Keeper of the Charts. 
The 3 Saucy Methoskateers: Methos for all and all for Methos. 
Clan Denial: Keeper/Defender of Richie's dreams 
Sims &Sides : Officer In Charge of Richie. 
Methos picked me up 3529 years ago...trained me..and I have served the Master ever since...It's hard to get a good handmaiden these days. 
I'm a 22 and work at a Hospital as an Emergency Admitting Clerk nights and attend classes during the day. I'm a History Major..Prerferably Ancient Studies. Was Happily plodding along watching Highlander..thinking that the show was getting a little dull..when smack! my senses were assaulted with a vision of perfection. Long slender, elegantly formed hands, strong yet gentle, eyes the perfect mixture of jade and molten gold, chiseled cheeks, perfectly shaped lips, and a voice..gods save me a voice 

"Flesh is a trap, 
and magic sets us free." 
(Clive Barker, Lord of Illusions) 

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SW Oregon 
I have a variety of interests including (but not limited to) Dragonlance, Asterix, Wallace and Gromit, Ford Mustangs, and Tae Kwon Do. I have never much cared for curved swords. I'm 24, single, and have a dog and five rescued cats who are now well spoiled:) I started lurking in Forumland in May and still mostly just lurk, though I'm there every day:) 

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Tori Christianson 
Seattle, WA 
Forum Claim to Fame: I'm not sure if I have one, I just enjoy talking to people about our obsessions. 
I was born 4/9/76, in the rainy city of Seattle. I am married to a wonderful man and currently have no children. I attend a local community college where I'm studying to get my degree in Marine Biology (I love sharks), or foreign languages (can speak American Sign Language, Spanish, a bit of French). In my free time I study Great white sharks and I love reading books by Anne Rice and Stephen King. It's been almost two years since AP/DM swept me off my feet, and I can't keep my eyes off him, and that immortal show (My husband thinks I'm a little obsessed but we all know how that is don't we!!) I enjoy the Forum and I try to make comments whenever possible, There are so many interesting people who have such wonderful ideas and I really enjoy reading their ideas. Well, that's my life!! 

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MacSmitty, MacWoW, jr.
RealName: Amy
Favorite Character:Duncan MacLeod

Keeper of Duncan's Gourmet Kitchen and member of Clan MacWoW

I'm an out-of-my-mind in my mid 30's, homeschool mother of 3 children, wife to a husband, server of Christ and woman of the MacWoWs. I belive there needs to be more dancing in life!!

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Janet Freeman-Daily 
Seattle, Washington 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacTroll 
Forum Claim to Fame: Retailer of Darius' home-brewed teas Co-instigator of PNW FL HL OD Marathon (the Pacific Northwest Forumlanders' Highlander Overdose Marathon Party) Troll Triplet #Two 

Forty-ish aerospace engineer, married, owned by one son and two cats. Addicted to PNW scenery, chocolate, trivia, Starbucks, travel, and puns (sorry 'bout that). When I'm not thoroughly absorbed in Highlander-related stuff, you'll find me thoroughly absorbed in volunteer/support activities for my son, Boy Scouts, church, CH.A.D.D., and extended family. Oh, and work, too -- I keep forgetting that part! 

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Laurie Furrow
Favorite Character: Methos

Forum claim to fame: We shall just have to see won't we.

I am 28 year-old mother of three and have been HAPPILY married for the last 12 years to the father of my "rugrats". I have a very understanding husband, he understands that neither Methos nor Duncan will ever show up at my door. (crap!)

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Lezlee Morris
Favorite Character: Duncan

the only thing I have done so far to get any real recognition was contribute a MWC titled "The Old Man, The Witch, and The Elf"

Well, the basics would be: married, mother of 3, just turned 30. Otherwise, I am a Highlander nut (my husband claims I'm obsessed...nah, couldn't be!)I love to read and write, hate to clean, and I listen to music entirely too loud. I consider myself anything other than "normal", and have even been called "weird" and "strange" quite often.

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Pat Winskowski 
Seattle, WA 

I'm 51 yrs old, divorced, and live with my significant other Jordache, a big, fluffy black cat. I'm a majorly obsessed and addicted HL fan, have been from the beginning. My 31-yr-old (almost) son is also a HL fan, though not as far gone. I have very eclectic taste in books, music and movies, and quite a collection of all three - I finally figured out I'm preparing myself to become a hermit. I enjoy getting together with other HL fans.

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Merrie Gail
Favorite character: Duncan
Mehri's Mountain

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Miss L. MacWench
Wench of Duncan MacLeod 
aka Miss Lurker 
Guardian of Duncan's Thighs 
Real name: Gillian 
Tacoma, WA 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
Single, 30s, still seeking happy employment away from teaching elementary school. I would be thrilled to lurk among all of Duncan's antiques--including him. 

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Ivy Eads 
Seattle, WA, USA 
Chief Penitent Of Kronos' Armour 
Methos' Wife #55 
AJM Groupie #13 
The Church of Darius
100+ Links
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacWoW, Sister of Darius, Wench-in-Waiting 
Forum Claim to Fame: The 15 year old web-page making maniac with a considerably large mouth..... 
15, off the market, "Soy Un Perdedor(sp?)" and proud of it! 
^^^PEACE & PROZAC: River^^^ 

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Sandra from Longview
Sandra Storm 
Longview, Washington 
Forum Claim to Fame: I am keeper of Methos sense of humor and one of his Guardian Angels. I post a lot of neat tests and quizzes. 
I am 48, Divorced. And I am absolutely nuts about Methos(who wouldn't be).

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swiss MacFru
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru 
I joined the Highlander Forum because I found a group of people that could share my obsession with Highlander. I even was relieved to find that there were lots of people who were WAY more obsessed than I was, a comfort at my age (49) since I had never joined a fan club (now I'm a Peter Wingfield Fan Club member) nor liked a TV show as much as I like Highlander. After attending Anglicon (April '97) and meeting some wonderful Forumlanders, I was even more hooked on all things Highlander. Then susanna made me aware that I was a prime candidate to be a member of the Clan MacFru. I have enjoyed my many correspondences with Forumlanders on many subjects. The one closest to my heart is the origin of the immortals. Where DO they come from??? My husband is a Highlander fan, too, (he likes Amanda) but doesn't lurk at the Forum (luckily for me since there is only one . . . computer, that is). 

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Vlad RunningWolf

Tiffany A. Holien 
Washington State 
Highlander: The Raven

Well, I'm 19, single, not a terribly huge fan, just big enough to watch the Raven religiously each week. I do my best to keep up my site with pics and info I dig up. Personally, I would not mind if PJ came to my home town for a day, even if I didn't meet him.. it would certainly stir things up around here.

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