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Ohio Valley Forumlanders
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri & Ohio


Melinda J. Smith 
Lincoln, Il. 

Clan Affiliation: Clan Mac Val 
I'm single, 41, and the family spinster *g*. I chose joy and laughter over hate and angry any day. My goal in life is to be one of the little old ladies who rule the world. *VEG* 

Carie(in Chicago)
Carie Mahoner 
Guardian of the Loft 

I'm in my 40's and have lived in Chicago for about 30 years. The things I enjoy most are music, dancing, dining out, traveling, reading (I'll read anything, including the cereal box), computers and, most importantly, people. I became a Highlander fan when I caught the first episode b ack in '92; Duncan MacLeod stepped forth, caught my eye and I've never looked back. Life is sweet. 

claire moores 
I am in my early 40's, working on immortality, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. I tell people who don't understand my taste for Highlander that it's really a matter of professional interest. Well, it's true in part. I do makeup and make wigs and one of my silly fantasies is that I might actually get to work with the actors sometime. (Please, Go d, are you listening?). Anyway, if you're on the forum, you know all the other reasons. 

Chicago, Illinois 
I am 30, married to a great guy who indulges my HL obsession. I even have him watching now! He is hooked on Amanda. No kids, just work and logging on the HL forum. I travel all the time , so the forum keeps me up-to-date with all the HL news. Peace 

Elizabeth the Dragonfly
Elizabeth A. Kowols 
Des Plaines, IL 
I'm a 37 year old poet, published in a few small venues. I am also studying playing the Celtic harp, do reams of needlework, and love to cook. I was a Dawson fan from the moment he stepped around the stacks at the bookstore, and have become a Byrnes fan through his music. 

Linda Bates 
I am 36, married and mother of one wonderful 6 year old son who likes to watch HL with me. I believe Duncan and Tessa were the perfect couple and I wish they hadn't killed her off.

Midwest Gal
Debby Silber 
Northwest Illinois (small city of Galesburg) 
I just turned 34 and have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for 14 years. We have one son and one daughter. One of the stabilizing forces in my life is watching AP five times a week on the USA channel and then once each Friday night on the FOX channel.

I am a female undergrad majoring in English, minoring in Medieval Studies, Anthropology and Art History. I became a fan of Highlander: The Series because Methos became a recurring (now regular) character on the show. I'm relatively certain that the prophecies about "The End" are misleading. I expect the original text read, "In the end, there ca n be only one (or two)." The reason Methos doesn't have a girlfriend: He's waiting for me. 

Soother of Duncan's Pain and Anguish 
Cathy Crimaldi 
Chicago, IL 
Ravena's Home Away from Home
I'm 27, married, have a great 7 year old son. I first saw HL while flipping through the channels late one evening in January 1995 and instantly fell *thunk*, I was hooked. I am having mixed feelings about Season 6, I can't wait, yet I am also dreading the end. :( But, hey, at least we have the videos, right? :) 

Sass Macfru
Sarah Rust 
Rushville P.T.O. (i'm civic minded) 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Macfru 
Hey People! I am 35, married for 13 years and have one pre-teen daughter. If I am not lurking on my clan pages and forums then I am fighting to even get to the puter or I am playing secertary for my I have been a Macfru for over 4 years now.

Sharla M. Utz
Chicago, Illinois

Forum Claim to fame:Countdown Countessa. I keep the official Forum countdown to the opening day of Highlander: Endgame.

I am 30 years old and married -- no kids, just my cat. I rented the original Highlander movie in 1993 simply because it starred Sean Connery, and I've loved all things Highlander (except the horrid AAA arch) ever since.

Sir Rosemary
Greater Chicago Area
aka Knight of the Highlands,
Knight Owl, Protector of Duncan's Principles,
Sister of Darius' Church,
Dining Car Hostess on the Immortal Love Train.
Knightly motto: a votre service.
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW

Forum Claim to Fame: I helped rescue from the oblivion of a K'Forum crash the excellent and useful HL Season 6 explanation currently posted on Wildcard's webpage. 

In addition to HL, I am also a fan of the Inklings and others of their era (J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers. . .) and I attend the Mythopoeic Society Convention every summer. I love movies, and I read omnivorously, but with special affection for fantasy and science fiction. My favorite TV series before HL was Beauty and the Beast (I am still in denial over the ghastly series end.) I find human beings and their ways endlessly fascinating and creation endlessly beautiful, so I travel as much as I can.

Born in the '40's and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I feel at home in Seacouver. A middle-school teacher of French, I love watching the HL stories set in the Paris area I know so well. I have been married for many happy years to a truly chivalrous gentleman (one who can talk about honor with a straight face). He and my 21-year-old shoot-from-the-lip hunk of a son patiently humor my HL mania. I have been an HL fan since 1996--what pulled me in was the beautiful relationship between Duncan and Tessa. What made me a fan was the unique Highlander combination: history, swordfights, adventure, romance, philosophical/moral/personal growth values, character and relationship development, respect for religion and education and the arts, international outlook, high production values, exceptionally intelligent writing/acting/directing. . .not to mention characters who manage to be gorgeous, funny, classy, endearing, sexy, quirky, inspiring, and very very human all at the same time. In a slipshod, materialistic world, I am thrilled to be able to watch a show which challenges me to think deeply about right and wrong, encourages me to love and enjoy life without denying its pain, andwhich reminds me that there are values worthy of great sacrifice and fates worse than death.

Paix et Highlander a jamais!

the mason
jim weisman 
Cary, IL 
The great grandson of a Scotish stone mason. I am truly a Highlander and a former sword fighter and student of the Martial Arts.

Zima MacFru
Keeper of Richie's sarcasm 
Watcher of His First Awakening 
Beth Ann Valek 
Mi Casa
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru 
Forum Claim to Fame: Brought YKYWTMHLW to the forum, with help from my best friend 

I'm a college student at Eastern Illinois, and am a diehard fan of Richie. He's one main reason I started watching the show, and he's the best person on there, IMO. I love him better as an Immortal, where he's more well-built and dresses much better (can't stand the grunge clothes from season one). 

I also defend the characters who get the most abuse on the forum, namely Anne, Cassandra, Randy, and the episode "The Immortal Cimoli", namely as DOACATC. 

I'm upset about Richie not being around next season, but at least I have USA to fall back on. 


Big John
Real Name: John Bierly
Favorite character: Amanda

I'm Elizabeth Gracen's Sweet, Sweet Butler. And that's Official.
Champion of the Clan MacWench 

I was born October 15, 1975. I live in Indiana. I love to read, I love to write. I love good music, good movies, good food, and good people. My favorite movie is Bottle Rocket. Interests beyond Highlander include Star Wars, The X-Files. I'm addicted to Seinfeld reruns. I'm always listening to music. Some of my favorites: Matthew Sweet, Nina Gordon, Jonatha Brooke, Better Than Ezra, Semisonic, Juliana Hatfield, Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, and Pearl Jam. Rock on, Forum!

Favorite character: I like all the characters.
CelticAngel's Highlander Fan Fiction

I'm 39, divorced, mother of three.I work in the history field, love to write fan fiction, historical fiction and am real into medical ethics, though I've never really been published.

I refuse to believe that Richie died at the end of season five (the subject of my current fanfic). I love all the guys equally, but CL makes my heart melt- and I refuse to believe that Connor will not be the "ONE".

It's hard to believe a TV show has become a hobby, but I couldn't ask for a better group of people to share it with.

Aaron Conk 
Forum Claim to Fame: I amaze friends because I'm the only person they know who has a Duncan Macleod sword. It actually frightens them. They know I'm a big fan and are afraid I'll start lopping off people's heads one day. It's a beautiful sword- highly recommended to a fan if you can find one. 

I'm a 21year old student at Depauw University. I was a football player until a shoulder injury from this year brought an end to that. I'm into weightlifting so I'm a pretty big guy and I also collect swords. My Duncan katana and a sword I purchased in Scotland are my favorite pieces. New to the forum but a longtime fan of the series and movies. 

Linda Z Patterson 
Southern Indiana 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam 
I've only been posting since Spring, 97 and have had a lot of fun and made new friends. It's great to find people who share an interest (obsession) I have. I'm married with children and I watch HL for it's moral and ethical teachings. I pay no attention to the Frus - really! hee-hee-hee. Signed, Soft White Flower of the Forum (somebody dubbed me with this description one day and I liked it) 

Salli Horst 
Southern Indiana 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Cylander 

Pegins MacWoW
Peggy Deeter 
Central Indiana 
Claim to Fame: I would say I was one of the charter members of the MacWoW clan. We kind of got started when the Anaheim convention was going on. Some of us realized that there were a lot of over 40 women that were big HL fans. And we took the idea and ran with it. 

I am a 42 year old single working mother, with a grown married daughter, and a 16 year old son still at home. I work in the glass container industry. My son knew about Highlander before I did. And he never told me, I had to discover it on my own. He used to say we bonded when we watched HL, but that was before S 6. I really miss Highlander, as I'm sure we all do. Hope TPTB make us a great movie. I'm glad I can reach out to other HL fans via cyberspace!

Real name: Dorothy 
Not a Forum Elder, however, probably a Forum OLDER 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench and a special friend of the frus and trolls 
Author and lecturer by trade, I am 58 years old and Jesus is my Lord. I am married for 30+ years to my awesome lover. We have six children (5 girls, one boy) and seven grandchildren. Aye, my wee weakness is an obsession for Adrian Paul.

Jennifer York 

I'm a 25 year old female who is on the borderline of obsession with anything and everything Highlander! My main object of obsession is Peter Wingfield and his alter-egos Methos/Adam Pierson. I guess I am in good company with many other forumlanders. It just shows that we have VERY good taste! 


Andrea Britton 

Clan Affiliations: RFWP,OPJFC 
II am 33, a SAHM of one 3yr old little girl, and I am married to Sir LAB. 

Northeast Iowa 
Female, Forty-something 

Larry Britton

Forum Claim to fame: AndiB is my partner and wife forever, I turned her on to Highlander, and she is now a force not to be reckoned with on the various webboards about Raven, OPJFC, and others. I also give out the Hypothetical Question of the Day when reminded
I plan on living far so good. 39 going on 21, hubby, daddy, Im a nerd, but I figured out how to hide it. 

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Favorite Character: Joe
Arddunol's Place

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Leslie Hoffman
Favorite Character: Duncan, Methos Connor
Clan Affiliation: Clan CDC

Fairly normal, except for that pesky Highlander obsession that refuses to die. 

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Kate of Clan DotD
Real Name: Kate 
Near Louisville, KY 
Kate's Highlander Page
Favorite Character: Duncan MacLeod
Clan Affiliation: Clan Dancers of the Dream 
I'm 32 and single. I'm Kindred Spirit to Kate of Kintail. I have to say Highlander changed my life, in more ways than one. I've been online for just over three years. I've learned more about Highlander, and made more friends than I would have ever believed. I wouldn't give that up for anything.

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Favorite character: Methos
Code 3 Images
Forum Claim to Fame: Writing Stories

I am a thirty-something Christian and writer, married with three cats. I study history for pleasure and education as fodder for my fiction. Highlander supports my addiction of history quite handsomely via the 5,000 year old immortal Methos.

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Laurie MacNut
Laurie Roslon 
Clan Affiliation: The Clan MacNut 
The Official Keeper of Duncan MacLeod's *Heart* 
I'm 33 years old and have 2 daughters, Amanda, 15 and Danielle, 12 from a previous marriage. My husband Bill and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary in September. I love to read, draw, do calligraphy and I consider myself a Trekker and a huge Steven King fan. I'm a 'nut' with an attitude and a dry sense of humor who loves to laugh...even when I get carded while trying to buy a lottery ticket!! 

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McCat MacWench, Wench of Words
Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench
I dressed up like Duncan MacLeod for my university students for Halloweeen!
I am 36, married with three cats. I'm a sci-fi buff on all levels, and an HL fanatic. My claim to fame is that I teach utilizing HL in my college freshman course. This semester's extra credit assignment will be to write a reaction paper on Endgame!

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Favoritecharacter: Duncan
Frankfort, Kentucky

I'm 28 and single with 2 cats. I work full time and go to law school at night. In what little free time I have I play the trombone in a swing-style jazz band, do counted-cross stitch and am an avid reader. I became hooked on Highlander after watching a second season episode with a friend.

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Scottishlass MacWench 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
I am married with two young children. I teach history and love Highlander mainly because of the strong conncetions to history in the flashback--and of couse because of ONH. I love being a MacWench and helping others.

Sharon D 
Louisville, KY 
Forum Claim to Fame: I've lurked ,but have never been able to post. Maybe I'm cursed! 
I'm 35, and happily divorced. I've been a fan of the Highlander for a couple of years, but when Methos put on that wig and blue paint, I was hopelessly lost. My life will never be the same again. Methos needs to meet me and make me #69. 


Athos the little K'fru
Brie Alsbury
Musketeer's HQ
Forumland Webring

Well, I'm still a college student. I still have a strange sense of humor, but the personality tends to border on seriously demented now. I drink way too much Mtn Dew, spend way too much time playing in Photoshop, and when I am not online (which is like. . .almost never) I like to read and sleep. . mostly sleep.

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DemonDeb MacFru
Real Name: Debbie 
Missouri Ozarks 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru 
Married mother of many, (!), Highlander fan forever, happy to be a part of the MacFru clan, what wonderful, supportive clansis'!! 

gert MacWoW
gert furman 
St. Louis, Missouri 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWoW 

Forum Claim to Fame: I'm old, but Duncan makes me young at heart!! 

I'm a widow, old, very old. I think Duncan needs an older woman to mother him---ya right!!!

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Grey Tooth, of the Wendigo
Travis Hammer 
St. Louis 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam 
I am 15, single, and Duncan MacLeod is the best damn Immortal there is. 

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GiGi MacFru
Genise Graham 
Kansas City 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacFru - Clan Denial Forum Claim to Fame: I was very lucky and seemed to be in the right place at the right time on the HL Cruise, sharing a bit more time with the stars than the average bear. This included a leisurely luncheon with Peter Wingfield on the island of Coco Cay. I also had the privilege of helping with the Kansas City Mini-Gathering. I guard Darius' Chess Board and dream of all the lazy afternoons spent over it discussing the vast experiences of the immortals we have come to know and love while sharing a good game. 
I spend my life driving my 12 year daughter from dance lesson to dance lesson. I'm always in school I collect worthless degrees. I also live in Phoenix (usually the summer-go figure) and my email there is And then there is my Highlander Obsession...

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Liz Johnson 
Kansas City, MO, USA 
The Labyrinth
Forum Claim to Fame: I'm the Nephilim theorist. 
I'm 19, single and over-worked as a computer science undergrad. 

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Jason Payne
Favorite character: Joe Dawson

I don't suppose I really have a Forum claim to fame. I accidently discovered the forum, and have been wholy impressed with how decent and intelligent the members of the forum are. Maybe I can edit this once I actually have a forum claim to fame

I am 20 years old, attending the University of Missouri at Rolla and am engaged to a beautiful woman named Heather. I also believe that the original Highlander movie could have been soooo much better with a little bigger budget and a much better director. I just don't think the technology and the directing did it justice.

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Jazzy MacFru
Claim to fame: Helped found Clan MacFru 
I'm a 19 year-old college student from Kansas City, MO originally. I'm desperately torn between Richie and Methos but in the end I just have to say Richie is my favorite (I got to see Stan in KC and was completely swept away!). Besides HL, I love classic movies, suspense novels, and I'm a modest teddy bear collector. The greatest loves of my life are my dog and two cats, without whom I'd be lost. 

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Joan Stohlman 
Clan Affiliations: SAPS 

Just a fan of AP, and Highlander 

I am married, have 4 grown children. I am a homemaker, and an artist and doll maker. I love Highlander, and I think AP is the greatest.

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Laura K
Laura K
Greater Kansas City area
Favorite Character: Duncan

Born in 1957, widowed, mother of 3, born in Newport, Rhode Island, and live in Kansas now. I fell in love with HL at the first movie and have followed ever since! I've enjoyed reading The Forum posts--didn't know this page existed. What fun!

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Cape Girardeau MO
Favorite Character Duncan

I'm 30. Work in a medical office. Not married yet.

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Lovie MacFru
Beth King 
General Area of Residence: Kansas City 
My heart belongs to Duncan 
Clan Affiliation: Charter Member of the Clan MacFru 
Forum Claim to Fame: Kansas City Highlander Mini-Gathering: this is our 6th year.

Retired mother of 2 grown men, reader, writer and baker of cookies. Still a Highlander Fan after nearly seven years. Grateful for all my Highlander Friends. 

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NW Missouri 
Clan Affiliation: MacFru

My claim to Fame, I guess, is that I'm a real clown!

Now that I've attended a convention and have helped with the KCHLMG, I don't feel like a newbie. I really feel blessed meeting and getting aquainted with several from the forum. Good friends are the best, don't you think??I am a very young lady in her early forties and I like to be very active in my community and and with my family. At this point in time, I haven't attended any conventions but I look forward to meeting all my chat and forum buddies while drooling over Adrian Paul at a convention.

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Residence: southern Missouri 
Clan Affiliation: not for this loner, though I promise respect for all 
I am 27, divorced, no kids, technical support rep for a software co. by day, eccentric philosopher and writer by night. Methos is the exclusive love in my life, for as Atlanta Rhythm Section said, "Imaginary lovers never let you down." I have recorded the details of our meeting and subsequent relations in my journal, but am currently too shy to share them with anyone but my cat, who is spellbound by the accounts. Besides, I might risk blowing my true love's cover, and it's already so hard to remember to address him as "Adam" in public... 

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Tammy MacFru
Tammy Tarter
Clan: MacFru
Favorite Character: Duncan

I am not sure I have a claim to fame. But I do feel like the Forum is part of my extended family! I have met people that I do believe will be life long friends. And all thanks to Highlander!

I am 27, married. Mom of 3 and I LOVE Duncan with that short hair from S6! If he ever needs a friendly Hug just call on me I'll be there! *VBEG*..hee hee

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A Gordon
Alice Murphy 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

I am 46 separated, mother of two boys (God help me!). was the first thing I typed into my computer the first time I got online, and I've barely gotten any further than that. I always say I'm going to do something else when I get online, but somehow I always wind up here before long. I loved the movies, and the series both I love shows that deal with "good & evil" in a not too gritty way. Other shows I like are Star Trek and Babylon 5. And I hesitate to admit it, but I also like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

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Keeper of Methos' Survival Instinct 
Columbus, Ohio 
I'm 25 and have been an avid HL fan since season four. Methos is my favorite Immortal, and I hope that the epic saga of Highlander never ends--the characters, possibilities, drama, historical aspects, and strong friendships portrayed are just too great for words! 

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Favorite Character: can't choose....Richie & Methos
Daire's Fanfic Refuge
Highlander: The Raven's Nest
Daire's Laire
Resides in Ohio
Clan Affiliations: Clans MacSpam
Enjoy reading; writing; music - listening and playing - I have a number of CDs and bowless violin; Highlander; creating webpages; stuff on Scotland and Ireland; and saving my pennies to get to one of those places, they're both in my blood and calling me "home" (Scotland's calling louder though).

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Denise Verrilli 
Clan Affiliations: The Clan 

Forum claim to fame: Mostly just lurk, but like to comment from time to time. Would like to meet many many of the forumlanders as I have discovered some very talented, witty, and intellegent people. 

I am 40ish, single, I am obsessed with Adrian Paul, to gaze upon his beautiful face and body is pure heaven. To hear his voice say my name would allow me to die a happy woman. 

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Fitzkaren MacWench

Lima, Ohio 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 

Forum Claim to Fame: ANAHEIM****Meeting Adrian for the first time. The mental picture of him walking to the dinner through the bar will stay with me forever. He strode right beside me close enough to 

touch, looked into my eyes and smiled. It was a good thing I was leaning against the back of a couch or I would have been a helpless lump of matter on the floor!! 

DENVER****Many of the Forumlanders rallying together as a team making the stuffed animal drive a wonderful success for the children at the Denver Children's Hospital. Oh yes, and seeing Adrian!!:-) again 

I am a forty plus, single mother of an active fifteen year old son who helps keep the Ultress hair coloring company in business. Gray hairs sprouting everywhere due to his many impish antics!!! :-) 

My interests lie in various cultural events, different types of music, walking, tennis, horseback riding, beach volleyball and traveling. My favorite vacation spot being the beach, however, my last year trips to Anaheim and Denver will remain embedded in my soul.:-) I am highly involved in church school and community, and love taking on additional projects that will have a lasting and meaningful effect on children everywhere. I have been a Highlander fan for three years now and have loved every minute of it. Through Highlander/Duncan MacLeod, I was introduced to Adrian Paul, the person. Through his beliefs, caring and giving attitude, along with his inspirational and personal challenge messages, he has revived my life, enabling me to take new directions I never dreamed possible. Also through Highlander and Adrian, I have broadened my friends near and across the big pond. Friends who will remain in my heart and mind forever. Highlander and Adrian are the "Wind Beneath Our Wings", and have immortalized our lives in so many postive ways for years to come!!! 

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Favorite character: duncan

I am the mother of five wonderfull children and my husband and i do foster care. we currently have seven children in our home (3 of our own the rest foster children) my sons got me hooked and we went to washington this year my son won one of the swords and got to shake pw hand it is an experience he will never forget. i have been a lurker on the rysher forum but for some reason i can't pull it up any longer and would like to still see what people are saying and what is going on with highlander fans everywhere.

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Kim Love-Ottobre 
The Tall Cornfields and Short Soybean Fields of Ohio 
Kimba's Homepage
Kimba's Other Homepage

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Lady Beth
Nancy Althouse
Central Ohio
Clan: Clan DOTD, Ohiolander
Favorite Character: Duncan

I'm a shy, 46 year young mother of two wonderful kids. I have been a fan(natic, just ask my kids) since the first season. I was lucky enough to have gone on the first HL cruise and meet PW, JB and EG as well as making friends with some really great people. My motto is Live in the Light, Fight the Darkness. Peace and Light.

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Forum Claim to Fame: When not lurking, Keeper of Obscure Facts 
A women of a certain age who shares her home with her 23 year old son and three cats. I enjoy Highlander for many reasons: historic romantic fantasy the triumph of good over evil the joy of seeing a strong men who also be gentle and none of whom are bad looking. 

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Nancy McHisss
Central Ohio 
Clan Affiliations: Cylander, Clan MacSpam, Friend of the MacFrus 
Forum Claim to Fame: Lurked the longest before posting (2 months) 
I am divorced, mother of a grown son, and "meowmie" to more cats than I will admit to. am a surgeon, but so far I have never beheaded a patient! 

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The Clan MacSpam Homepage
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacSpam 
I love reading and playing the piano. I'm sort of a movie buff. I'm 5'2''...pretty short, but I can kick butt if I had to. :) 

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Pronounced (NYM-you-ay) 
Keeper of Our Noble Hero's Whistle 
Real Name: Sally 
In Malory's *Morte D'Arthur* Nimue is Chief Lady of the Lake, keeper of Excalibur. 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacSpam 
I was a prof of English at the university for thirty years (a baby when I started) with specialties in Medieval Lit--Chaucer, Arthurian Legend. Married to a man who gives me HL series tapes! One son in college. No pets: Beloved cat Weedie died. Duncan MacLeod is my kinda brown-eyed, handsome man. (I have the HL-Obsessive Gene.) I'm a good resource person: Ask and I'll look it up.

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I am a 21 year old college student. I have an adorable dog, Maggie, a spoiled cat named Abby and an annoying brother named Mike. My interests include photography, obsessing about HL, going to movies, obsessing about HL, photography (which I hope to do professionally after school), obsessing about HL, reading and writing, obsessing about HL, and swing music and dancing (hence my forum name. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I kind of like HL? :-) 
I have been watching HL for almost two years now and I have to say though I like all the HL guys Methos is my favorite. Not only is PW a great actor, but there's just something about a cute guy Not only that, Methos got some of the best lines in the show. 
Anyway, I think I've babble enough. I hope to see you all on the Forum. Bye for now. 

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Watcher too
Alice Murphy 
Cincinnati Ohio 

I'm 46, separated, mother of two sons. Am totally crazy about Methos. Only wish the reason he had so many wives was because he hasn't met me. 

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Finding Highlander was kismet for me -- fantasy, chivalry, swordfighting, historical flashbacks, moral dilemmas, and the beautiful Adrian Paul. Haven't felt this way since the original showing of the original Star Trek! Luckily I have a tolerant husband who admires Amanda, and two grown daughters who admire Duncan and Methos.

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