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Clannad's Page
Clan Affiliations: Clan DotD, Clan MacParody...Friend of Clan MacWench 

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Gemma MacWench
Along the bayou in Louisiana 
Clan Affiliation: Chief Wench of The Clan MacWench 
Forum Claim to Fame: With the encouragement of Mistress Rose and Rottweiler an idea I had became a clan dedicated to the ideals of peace, service and hospitality........The Clan MacWench. 
Hello, I'm Gemma MacWench, a little cajun woman living along the Bayou Teche in Louisiana. 
Clan Affiliation: No affiliation but a friend to all who love peace and work for justice and have a love of all things Highlander. If I had one it would be called the Clan MacWench or the Wenches of Duncan Macleod after a post of Wench qualifications I made to the forum. 
Update: Yes!! Been there done that. The above 4-1-1 statement drew an inquiry from Mistress Rose who encouraged me to form this new Clan and with her help and support we put our heads together and the Clan MacWench has become a reality with over 50 members. Now we are both Chief Wenches of the Clan MacWench. And because of a certain Immortal Smokey-eyed Scot, that I am powerless to resist, I am now Chief Wench of Duncan MacLeod. 

Duncan MacLeod/Adrian Paul has inspired me, refreshed my life and given me one heck of a good time because of all the wonderful friends I've made. Highlander has been an experience of deep thoughts and more fun than you could imagine. 

I'm a farmer's wife with two daughters. I'm a teacher, para professional and coordinator. I love music, playing my guitar, singing and writing an occasional song. Think Twila Paris not Jewel. 

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Greeneyed Girl
Real Name: Mandy 
Ft. Polk, LA 
I was born on 3/11/77. Currently I am single, a full time student (pharmacy), and stuck in the Army for another 3 years (big, depressed-sounding sigh). My Highlander obsession started with the first episode, and I stay up to watch it every week at two in the morning even though I have to be at work the next morning at seven. 

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MacKinney MacWench
Cathy Kinney 
Vicksburg, MS 
Clan Affiliations: Clan MacWench, Clan Mackenzie (for real!) 

I was born 05/27/47, have lived in Mississippi all my life, raised by a traditional Southern mom who never stopped talking and as a result, I talk a lot too. Consoled by fact that story telling is a Southern tradition - how else do you think we produced so many great writers? 

I am single, a legal secretary/paralegal and part-time college student trying to finish a B.A. in history. I moved back to my hometown of Vicksburg (the Gibraltar of the Confederacy, y'all!) to take care of my dad, who passed away in January 1998. My older daughter Georganne is off on her own with her worthless boyfriend, and my younger daughter Erin was killed in a car/train accident in December 1995. I now live alone - well, except for Bubba, a golden retriever with a black tongue whose personality matches his name, and two cats, Pete and Trix, who take turns sitting on my shoulder while I'm at the computer. 

I love to read just about anything, but especially fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, good historical fiction, history, cookbooks, poetry - heck, I read just about anything! Favorite author of all time - the incomparable Dorothy Dunned, closely followed by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer, Elswyth Thane .... heck, the list is just too long! 

I discovered Highlander in the middle of Season 3 and have been hooked ever since. I love the history, ethical conflicts, swordplay, philosophy; marvelous locations - and the gorgeous actors kinda caught my eye, too. Especially one Really Old Guy, who won my total admiration the first time he opened his mouth! What a terrific character Methos is! (And PW plays him so well, too!) To quote Bright Girl's memorable words at the Anaheim Con, "Hubba Hubba!" 

Of course, since I got a computer, I spend waaay too much time on-line, playing on the Forum and chatting with my friends. Yes, I'm a proud cyber-junkie! And a Bootlicker, and AJM Groupie #8, and Keeper of Joe's Private Chronicle, and Proprietor of the Inn at Glenfinnan. And thanks to HL and the Forum, I've made some of the most wonderful friends! May Highlander live forever!

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Monica Northington 
Jackson, MS 

Forum Claim to Fame: I'm in and out, like the wind, hence the name. My direction may change, and my strength may vary, but I'm basically a gentle soul and an old soul. I think I've loved Duncan always, but he has never known it. He has only known me as the soft breeze that wafted through his curls and kissed his cheek to wake in in the morning. 

I am Christian, 37 years old (in November), single (never married), a pediatrician (although not currently in practice). I love music, art, literature, dance, and beauty of all kinds. I love HL, I enjoy the Forum, and I do seek PEACE. 

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South Carolina
South Carolina 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacD@mn 
Forum Claim to Fame: East Coast early lurker, co-founder of tongue-in-cheek "Clan mercy's", devotee of the blue-faced Love God, lover of books - will often post suggested reading lists and top tens that send you to the library or bookstore. 
I was born 9/23 in a state in the Deep goals are simple: be happy, be kind to others and get published before I die! 

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Highlander Sarah
Sarah Hecker 
South Carolina, USA 
Adam's Anatomy
Highlander: The Table of Contents
The Forever Knight Blood Tree
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacD@MN 
BEANBAG PRINCESS! Yes, I am the beanbag princess. I love beanbags. You can find me hanging out in Rysher's Highlander chatroom with my buddies, Riverwalker, Barbwire, Tac, Cloudy *we ain't strangers no more!*, and many, many more! *oh, if I forgot you, don't worry-its a case of minor amnesia and a dab of insanity. N-A-T-U-R-A-L* 
My name is Sarah Hecker but you can call me Highlander Sarah. I first found out about Highlander by a friend of mine. Actually, he was my brother's friend who went to see the movie "only because it was filmed in his favorite place". Well, he got me in the fever too and how can I stop! Methos first came into my life during season three, and if you haven't discovered Methos as the loveable ROG yet, LOOK HARDER!! Anyway, I have nicknames, like anyone else. Some people just call me Highlander Sarah. Others call me Sarah. In the Rysher highlander Chat people call me by various ways: HI-L Sarah, HS, HI-L S, and many more while people at SCHOOL call me either Meat-Sauce or Mentos. Don't ask. I guess if you hold your tongue and say "Methos" it will come out as "Meat-Sauce" go fig...I am 19 freshman in college. Durn this is getting too long. Gotta go!! *sheer knowledge from a blondie...sha!* 

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Amanda Colburn 
Southeast USA 
I am 21 year old college student, but not for long, I graduate and get married in December. My major is English and my minor is computer information systems. I believe that Methos is the sexiest immortal alive and deserves his own show. Duncan wishes he were as sexy. 

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United States (south) 
Clan Affiliation: Clan Denial 

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The South 
Clan Affiliation: The Clan Macspam 

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Thomas Hawke 
The South 
Cowboy Classics

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Aaerile MacWench
Nashville, TN 
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench 
I'm a libra (1961), who loves to read (and watch) fantasy/sci-fi. I'm also interesed in mythology, world religions, spiritual items and beliefs of different cultures. I should have become an anthropologist!! I am also a proud member of Clan MacWench :)), a wonderful group of women that I look forward to meeting soon.

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Friend of Methos 
Real Name: Carol Byrd 
East Tennessee 

Known as Friend of Methos--purveyor of his opinions, keeper of his image as a new man, no longer a "horseman", First Lady of the Tents, place of weekend trysts with ladies who love Methos, and many more. 

I am single, caretaker of two dogs-Rose and Chu. Love the mountains and lakes and the countryside, guess I need to move to Green Acres! More later 

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Oubliette MacWench
Keeper of Duncan's Robe 
Debra Normand 
Memphis, TN 
Homepage currently under construction
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacWench, Sister to Darius' Church 
Forum Claim to Fame: Gosh, I have no idea, except maybe my handle. Newbie's and other FL are always asking me where and what the name oubliette means. As it is a very unique name it seems to stand out. But I wouldn't call it *fame*. Please let me be a humble servant in the presense of our wonderful forum and it's inhabitants. 
I live to serve the sacred robe of Our Noble Kiltboy which cozily covers the greatest *fru* of *fru's* aptly named UNDEROO! 

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Lisa Marie 

I'm 30 and single. I adore Highlander and especially the characters of Duncan, Methos and Joe. I'm a singer/songwriter (not famous but working on it) and I find I get all kinds of inspiration from Highlander. Got into the show about a year and a half ago and just love it. Hoping to someday be a part of the wonderful folks at Clan MacWench. 

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RealName: Elizabeth
Favorite characters: Rebecca and Ceirdwyn

I am 23, single, and living near Nashville. I've been a fan of Highlander since about the middle of the first season that the Series came out. Since then, I've come to love the HL movies and ALL things Highlander...The Raven, the music, the books, and especially the HL internet universe. I choose to conveniently forget the "Only One" rule, as I adore Connor, Duncan, and Methos equally. Some of my other favorite characters include Rebecca, Ceirdwyn, Cassandra, and Grace Chandel. Only one? You've got to be kidding! :) Elir

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