A biography about Chris Parker

This is a picture of Chris Parker, he's not really Chris from NSYNC, just look at him.

Here are a few pictures of Chris' ride. Its some old van. It has a bunch of crap in the back because Chris makes a living selling his stuff at flee markets

Look at Chris now, he is doing his favorite thing, which is trying to hit clouds with his baseball

This is where Chris lives. He bought this house when his parents kicked him out. I think its an old barn

Chris also has a pet squirrel. He gets the squirrel drunk so he can sell it to rednecks who can't get girls.

Chris only had 1 girlfriend. She was a tennis player. Here is a picture of her telling us why she dumped Chris.

Chris plays soccer sometimes. He is the one on the left.

Chris' favorite sport is golf, here he is heading towards the green.