Sailor Moon X
By Jim
Story by Jim & Liz Moseley
New Scout Pictures by Terry
Additional Sailor X photos by Jasmine & Sailor Rhea
Sailor X voice by  Odango Atama/Sailor Quirinus voice by Heather Christmas

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The Stars of Sailor Moon X
Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus
Sailor X
Sailor Mars
Sailor Quirinus
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Charon
Sailor Moon X is the series that takes place right after part one of Sailor Moon R. It is the story about Hades God of the Underworld, as he try's to steal energy from the souls of caring people, to help him gain a body of  flesh and bone, and to take over the world! To accomplish this he has summoned the help of the Six Ninja's of the Night Hood. Sailor Moon with the help of the Scouts must stop Hades's and the Six Ninja's, but when the Six Ninja's put the Four Scouts out of commission, all seems lost for Sailor Moon, until a new figure appears out of the blackness to help her at her side. Nobody can figure out who she is or where she comes from? Luna & Artemis suspect she is from the un-known world beyond Pluto, which legend has called X.... Who is she, friend or foe? Watch as she & the other Scouts embark on an adventure that will take them to the depths of Hell & battle the Six Ninja's of the Night Hood. Find new enemy's & new Scouts! And ultimately confront Hades's the God of the Under World. And find out the ultimate sacrifice Sailor X must make to save everyone, that makes her the only Scout to be presumed dead!!! 
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Sailor Moon and all related Stuff are owned by Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, Toei Animation and DIC. However Sailor X, Sailor Quirinus, Sailor Charon, the New Scouts and their pictures were created entirely by Jim and Terry so keep your sticky fingers to yourself.

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