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Character Bios


Good Guys:


Ronin Warriors

      Kento of Hardrock

      Rowen of Strata

      Ryo of Wildfire

      Sage of Halo

      Sai of Torrent


Other Good Guys


      Mia Koji



Good Guys from LoC

      Lirin of Cosmos

      Chad Star

      Miriam Star

      Darien Star


Bad Guys:


Dark Warlords











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6/04/00     (*Wow!* Been a long time since my last update! Sorry bout that guys! Been college hunting, car hunting, and getting ready for high school graduation. *BIG YEA!!*  Well, at least there's a lot of things that have been updated!)


Well, added a new background and some different graphics. I like it better, how about you guys?


Some new stories and chapters up in the Room of Parchments. Go take a peek!


New FicArt piece. Also, if you've noticed, I've now combined the FanArt/FicArt into one page instead of different character pages. Maybe if I get to the point where I have a LOT of art, I'll change it back to the way it was.



*NOTICE* Okay all you fanfic authors out there, I would like to start a fanfic library consisting of Ronin Warrior fics and Ronin Warrior x-over fics. Sooo, if you've got one, then PLEASE let me put it up on this site. All you have to do is e-mail it to me, or direct me to a web site. No lemons will be allowed. All I ask is that you proofread your fics before you send them to me. Brief summaries are welcome, but not necessary. My e-mail addy is in the paragraph below or in the left-hand side column at the bottom.



      Welcome to my Ronin Warriors site! I started watching the Ronin Warriors when the series first came to Cartoon Network, and what can I say? I was hooked from then on! Can you blame me? My favorite characters from the series are Mia and Rowen (he's SO kawaii!!). This page was mainly created to house my fanfic: Lady of Cosmos and my FanArt, but it'll also have bios on the characters (including mine from my fic), pictures, music from the CDs, and other people's fics and fanart and a link section to my favorite Ronin sites. Please let me know if one of the links aren't working or  part of the story isn't loading up. Please feel free to e-mail me at and tell me what you think of this site!


                                                              ~Lirin Star, Lady of Cosmos


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