Botan's Reikai Book: Under A Major Construction!

Botan's Reikai Book

Konnichiwa, minna-san. I am sorry for the delay of this website, I think it would take me forever to finish this one. Vacation ended three weeks ago, and the only one I managed to finish was my personal homepage. I neglected this, and I'm sorry if I keep on making you guys wait >_< but don't worry, all is not lost, because on weekends or whenever I'm free, I'll try to work on this book. Well, I'll really try, since junior year's tough. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for putting up with me.

Sore dakara, you can still check out these other websites in the meantime. This stupid "sorry" page would be up temporarily, but it will change as soon as I get the whole fanfic archive working.

Botan no Miko's Hideout - Okay, this is the personal website I was talking about. Please please visit it @_@
Yusuke and Keiko's Love Story - this is the website Keiko-chan and I truly love. And yeah, this is crammed with Y&K fanfics, so go satisfy your rumbling tummy ^_^
Anti Hentai Squad - The official website of AHS ^_^ WE'RE ALL ANTI-HENTAI!

That's it. Please do check back on this site next time! Gomen nasai *sweatdrops* arigatou, ja mata.

Botan no Miko.