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Anyway, I just love Dexter and the Powerpuff girls...They are SOOOO cute. I found a page about Dexter and it is Very Good...Click Here for it...Oh and the Powerpuff girls? I haven't found one yet...Tell me if you do. You can watch these two cartoons on "Catoon network" On cable TV ...That only if you live in Hong Kong. You can watch Dexter Laboratory at 5:00 pm EveryWeek Day. He is just so DAM Cute. Well anyway I still don't have any info about the girls but all i know is that they are made out of Sugar, Everything Nice and Chimical X..I think....

A little bit of info on "Dexter's Laboroatory"


Hello...this is me...the ex-creator of this page...although I didn't really do nething yet...well...to correct siujaina's mistake, the Powerpuff Girls are made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything NIce..plus Chemical X of course...


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Hello...this is "La'Cryma Mochi...well if you're just wondering where I got this name from...I kind of copied this person called "Iris van ******" I can't type her name...she'll get mad at me...and she'll say that I"m spreadying stuff about her..so annoying. Well...La'Cryma Christi is this Japanese band thingy if you don't know yet and its real good...especailly this favourite song of mine called Blossom and it has absolute NO relationship with the Powerpuff Girls.

Stop talking about crap stuff, Jessica. This is the new co-editer for this homepage. Yes...I'm SHC. I'm here to...mmm... so call "clear up" the "mess" that the L'Cryma Mochi did. Thanks to me, I've changed all the purple colour off the boxes. But for Jessica's sake, I will not delete her work. And here is an advertisement:

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This is to announce-that Me, "La'cryma Lime"
is not going to share a hp with this forever "Happy" person.  Click this beautiful arrow on the left to go to MY hp...butt then I have to share the same member name!!!
SOOOO annoying...well...see you there...whatever.


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I'm just in love with her...She is just soo darn cute!