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This is the OLD web site for Illinois State University's Graduate Student Association. Much of this is outdated. To view our new page, please go to our new page for the most up-to-date information. Any documents that you may be looking for should be accessed there!

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What is the Graduate Student Association??

Every graduate student registered at Illinois State University is automatically a member of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). GSA provides a forum in which graduate students can express student welfare concerns, and develop and disseminate ideas for the improvement of graduate education and at Illinois State.

Not only are we a Registered Student Organization at Illinois State University, we are a subsidiary of the Graduate Council with voting seats.† Article VII of the Graduate School Bylaws states:

Section 1. The purpose of the Graduate Student Association is to help further the mission of the Graduate School, to provide information and advice on graduate student problems, and to make recommendations for improvements in regulations and procedures.

Section 2. The members of the Governing Board of the Graduate Student Association shall be the representatives of the graduate students.† These representatives shall convey to the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, the Graduate Council, and/or the standing committees the suggestions and reactions of the graduate students about matters of concern to them. They shall meet regularly with the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies or the Associate Vice Presidentís designee.

Section 3. To encourage communication and to assist the Graduate Council and its standing committees in the performance of their prescribed duties, the Graduate Council and the standing committees may seek the advice of the Graduate Student Association, collectively, in small groups, or individually.

Section 4. The Graduate Student Association shall select each year under the supervision of the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, two full-time graduate students to serve as voting members on the Graduate Council for one-year terms.


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