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by Jean Barrot and Francois Martin


Publication Notes

This book was first published by Black & Red in Detroit in 1974. The publication note from that edition is reprinted below, together with some additional publication details.

A new version of the book revised and amended by one of the authors Gilles Dauvé (who wrote under the name Jean Barrot in the 1970s) was published in english by Antagonism Press in 1997. It can be found on-line at the Antagonism website. Links to other texts by Gilles Dauvé can be found on this site.

From the Black & Red edition :

The essays included in the present work were written for the bulletin, Le mouvemente communiste ( available from G. Dauvé, B.P. 95, 94600 Choisy-le-Roi, France ). They were selected and translated by J.Barrot. The essay on "The Class Struggle and It's Most Characteristic Aspects in Recent Years" was written by F.Martin. The other two central essays, as well as the introductory materials and the appendices, were written by Barrot. Other works by the same author include : J.Barrot, Le mouvemente communiste ( Paris : Champ Libre, 1972 ); J.Barrot, Communisme et question Russe ( Paris : Société encyclopediqué française et Editions de la Tête de Feuilles, 1972 ); J.Barrot, A.Borczuk, P.Riviale, La légende de la gauche au pouvoir : Le front populaire ( Paris : Editions de la Tête de Feuilles, 1973 )

Chapter 1, Capitalism and Communism was reprinted in the mid 1980's as What is Communism ? by Unpopular Books in London. This hypertext version was first put on the internet on the Skatta site in September 1996. It reprints the whole of the Black & Red version though spelling has been anglicised.

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